A Guide to Children’s Activities – by HL Liadan of Patrin-Or


Greetings from your friendly, neighborhood Ministers of Children,

As we make a return to Youth Awesomeness, we will be doing things a little bit different going forward. We envision the youth having the same freedom of choice as the adults have in the classes they take. We’d like to be able to offer as many class tracks for our Youth at events, not just one size fits all classes. This way they can explore those tracks that interest them on a more personal level, giving them more control over their learning and, hopefully, enabling them to become more involved.

To do this, we need Your help, and perhaps a little bit of your time. We are in need of presenters, those with a passion or enjoyment of that “thing” they do within the SCA, who is willing to spend a short time “presenting” to the Youth about Their passion. This does not need to be a full class presentation, more along the lines of a 10-15minute spiel about what your “thing” is. Do you fight? Come expound on the fun of fighting the lysts, or the comradery found. Do you like to sew, cook, sing, Herald? Come tell us about it. We can then do a project based on Your passion. You present the passion, your skill, in the SCA, and we, as the teachers, teach about its history. Who knows? You may be the inspiration of the future Crown or Champion Scribe!  

We will also need those willing to lend a hand. Helpers or assistants who are willing to be quest givers or “NPCs” or actors who can be interviewed or found by youth on themed quests or SCAVENGER hunts. (Historical people, gods & goddesses, mythical creatures). These such activities would take but a few minutes of your time.

Perhaps, you have more time to give? We would also welcome any to become assistants/deputy for the day(class) for the classes themselves, assisting youth with the different projects, or guiding them on our prowess fields.  Whether it is the form of a teacher/presenter, as a Quest participant, general youth guide (aka Wrangler), or whatever help that is needed, the Youth NEED you.  

Lastly, parents, we need YOUR help.  Your Amazing children need your help.  Please consider volunteering an hour or two to assist with the above areas. Come be a part of what your children are doing. Help us grow our future.

In Service to the Youth 

H.L. Liadan of Patrin-Or, ACR,CSM, MoC Barony of Wiesenfeuer
L.Muirenn Nia ingen Nath-I, MoC Barony of Northkeep