Award of the Flaming Weasel

Recollections of Baron Lucais du Belier, OL, OP, Lion (Used with Permission)

The Award of the Flaming Weasel of Wiesenfeuer dates aback to the early days of the Barony and has been given only a handful of times in the Barony’s history.

Unlike the traditional SCA awards that are given to recognize outstanding contributions to the arts or sciences or for unselfish service, the Flaming Weasel is reluctantly given at the discretion of the Landed Nobles to note spontaneous heinous acts of unchivalrous undertakings, deeds of shamefully inappropriate behavior, or other outstanding social blunders committed in a public place, and before an embarrassingly large number of eyewitnesses. Although the award brings morbid and eternal shame upon the bearer, it has nonetheless become an award that many desire to hold, but few want to deserve.

Flamme d’Orleans

“The Order of the Flamme d’Orleans of Wiesenfeuer is a non-armigerous level award. It is a combination of service and achievement in the area of Arts and Sciences. This award is given by the Baron and Baroness, generally after a polling of the Order. This award differs in that it is for the Arts and Sciences and showing a level of skill, as well as service is the way a member is chosen. It might be woodworking, leatherwork, illumination or any A&S area. Doing the skill at a high level, teaching that skill, using that skill to provide service to the Barony, and doing these things over a sustained period of time. A side note to this award is that it is named for Master Edward d’Orleans, a past pillar of the Barony and Master of the Laurel.” — Lord Thomas Quillam

Flint and Steel

“The Flint and Steel award is a non-armigerous Wiesenfeuer Baronial service award, given by the Baron and Baroness. It is typically given after a person has received the Award of Arms but not required. The award is given for what the name suggests: service to the Barony of Wiesenfeuer. This is typically the first group award given for service that is specifically given to the Barony of Wiesenfeuer. This service can be holding office, doing work projects for the Barony or just being there helping out on a regular basis.”  
– Lord Thomas Quilliam (used with permission)

Golden Beacon

The Golden Beacon is a non-armigerous Baronial award given to those who give their time and knowledge in support of marshallate activities in the Barony through training, armoring, and helping interested people in the Barony.

The Order of the Lanternarius

The Order of the Lanternarius is an armigerous award given to those that have given far and above expectations for the growth and improvement of the Barony of Wiesenfeuer.

The Spark

The Spark was created as an award for youth showing incredible spirit that embodies what it is to grow up in the SCA. This award was introduced by Ciaran and Branislava at Yule Revel 12/13/2014.