Kingdom Webminister

kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir (she/her)

This Roster is Maintained by the Kingdom Webminister.
If you notice names or contact info that are missing or out-of-date, please email so it can be updated!

RoleName and EmailWebsite
Kingdom Webministerkolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir
Adlersruhe WebministerOn Hiatus
Bjornsborg WebministerMartin Malone
Bonwicke WebministerH.E. Master Richard Fairbourne
Bordermarch WebministerAron ulfr’
Brad Leah WebministerSorcha McCullogh
Bryn Gwlad WebministerElspeth Monypenny
Chemin Noir WebministerNorthkeep Webminister
Dragonsfire Tor WebministerOn Hiatus
Eldern Hills WebministerDelesse de Beaumarchais
Elfsea WebministerThomas Grey
Ffynnon Gath WebministerOksana Goncharova
Glaslyn WebministerHákon the Blacksmith
Graywood WebministerTawnie of Graywood
Hellsgate WebministerBaroness Daria Riley
A&S WebministerBiatrichi Canzionari
Round Table Tech LeadKingdom Webminister
Officer Application Coordination WebministerBrenna MacDonald
Herald WebministerGoldweard of St. Golias
Marshallate DB Deputy / Kingdom ER DeputyMartin Malone
Scribal WebministerGoldweard of St. Golias
Ansteorra Wiki DeputyZubeydah al-Badawiyyah
Vindheim WebministerKoke Gan
Loch Soilleir WebministerElena Wyth
Mooneschadowe WebministerNalkah um Al-Jafna
Myrgenfeld WebministerAubrey Ericsdatter
Namron WebministerKoke Gan
Northkeep WebministerLeonardo di Adovardo
Raven's Fort WebministerStjarna Svinsdottir
Rosenfeld Deputy WebministerHL Jessimond of Emerickeskepe (drop dead admin)
Rosenfeld WebministerTobias of Emerickeskepe
Seawinds WebministerCaitriona inghean Mhic Lochlainn
Shadowlands WebministerRhodri ap
Skorragarðr WebministerMaintained by Group Seneschal
Stargate WebministerMagdalena von Neukirchen
Steppes WebministerHákon the Blacksmith
Wiesenfeuer WebministerLillias MacGuffin
Wyldewode WebministerNorthkeep Webminister

First and Foremost: Don’t Panic.

Ansteorra Websites are the core mechanism we use to communicate crucial information about our activities, events, officers, and announcements.
Our websites must adhere to the policies set forth in the Society Webminister’s Handbook, and the guidelines here should help your tenure as a Webminister go smoothly.

  1. Your website is a central place for information and must adhere to Society Policy.
  2. Keep your Membership up-to-date and fill out this form when the expiration changes
  3. Feedback matters! Fill out Quarterly Reports in Jan, Apr, Jul, and Nov.
  4. When in doubt, contact the Kingdom Webminister

If you haven’t already, please read the Society Webminister’s Handbook.

The primary goals of any Ansteorra website are to

  • inform people about SCA activities and groups
  • further the educational purposes of the SCA
  • create a positive experience for members and new folks
  • display content that upholds the SCA Core Values

DO include the following on your website:

  • Up-to-date
    • contact info for Officers (SCA Names and Officer Emails)
    • calendar of group activities (if applicable)
    • info about Kingdom events your group is hosting (if applicable)
    • When possible, keep Kingdom event details publicly available on the website rather than publishing them in private social media spaces
  • Links to Policy, Resources, etc that your group uses (Ansteorra Library, and SCA Library)
  • Links to relevant Social Media sites

DON’T include the following on your website:

  • Content that strays from the primary goals above
  • Content that causes anger
  • Content that diverts people from study and recreation
  • Personal attacks
  • Content that furthers the aim of subgroups or factions within the Kingdom (this includes, but is not limited to, households). We want to support the entire community.

Handling Documents and Files

  • Store files, PDFs, documents in an official Google Drive and link/embed them on the site. We have more storage available through our Google Drives than through our Website Media Files, so this help keep sites healthy.

If there is any concern that specific material may be questionable, contact the Kingdom Webminister.

According to Kingdom Policy, Local Webministers must make a written report to Kingdom Webminister on a regular basis.

As of November 2022, Webministers in Ansteorra are required to submit quarterly reports in
January, April, July, and October.

If you have problems, questions, projects you’d like to take on, or any feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Kingdom Webminister.

Ansteorra is migrating to complete adoption of WordPress for our Websites. This means that at a minimum you’ll need the following:

  1. WordPress account under
    • This is what you will use to log into our websites and edit posts/pages/forms/etc
    • Accounts are created using a personal email address and a username that is firstinitiallastname
    • Make Sure To Edit Your Display Name to be your SCA name
    • (This is different from an account with
    • (This is different from an account with
  2. Admin Access to the site that you’re responsible for (granted by KWeb or another admin)

Accounts you may need, depending on your role:

  • Official Gmail Account
    • All group-level webministers should have an official Gmail account
    • Resetting Passwords
      • Passwords can be given to you by the previous officer — when this happens, Reset The Password
      • Passwords can sometimes be reset by the Seneschal or Webminister for the domain, they need to visit to do this.
      • Passwords always be reset by emailing the Ansteorra Server Admin
  • Admin Access to Email List
    • Most groups have an email list that is monitored by various people
    • Webministers are not necessarily required to moderate email lists
    • Talk to other Local Officers to see if you need this
    • Contact Kingdom Webminister to get/set login information
  • FTP Login for databases or HTML sites
    • A very small number of Kingdom Webminister Deputies need this
    • This is usually needed if you are migrating from HTML to WordPress
    • Contact Kingdom Webminister if you think you need login information
  1. Let Kingdom Webminister know you’re taking an office by filling out this warranting form
  2. Contact Kingdom Webminister and ask for access to your site(s)
  3. Update your WordPress account Display Name/Nickname to your SCA Name
  4. Get access to your email — either from the outgoing webmin or from
  5. Do a pass of your site to update the Officer List and/or Contact Info pages
  6. Check your email regularly for requests for content updates, quarterly reporting, or other communication from KWeb
  1. Let Kingdom Webminister know you’re ending your term as a webminister
  2. Transfer ownership of any pages/posts to the incoming webminister or to KWeb
  3. Transfer your official email address to the incoming webmin

The Society Webminister’s Handbook contains the official Chain of Command for Webministers.

General Chain of Command for Ansteorra Webministers:

  • Local Webministers
    • Report to Kingdom Webminister
    • Coordinate with other local officers and your populace members for content
    • Eventually (6+ months or so), Northern groups will report to Vindheim Webminister
    • If you are a local deputy, check in with the Local Webminister
  • Regional or Kingdom Webministers
    • Report to Kingdom Webminister
    • Coordinate with Regional or Kingdom Level officers for content
  • Everyone else in the tech-support realm:
    • Report to Kingdom Webminister unless you have a Regional or Kingdom Webminister you’re already working with

When in doubt, reach out to the Kingdom Webminister.

This List is a Work in Progress.

WordPress Tutorials/Info

Kingdom Documents

Document NameDescriptionType
Webminister HandbookWebminister's HandbookHandbook