Their Sanguine Highnesses

The Coronet page gives information on the currently residing Coronet and Consort of Vindheim, traditionally called the Prince and Princess.

Thanks to those who volunteered their time and energy to make this possible.

Law Committee
Duke Jean Paul de Sens
Duchess Gilyan of Clanmacnoise
Duchess Magherita de Mantua
Countess Ginevria di Betto di Adriano
Sir Wilhelm von Buch
Master Ainar Magnusson
Mistress Sabine Lefevre
Baron Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair
Baron Aldric de Kerr
Baroness Meadhbh inghean Rois
Centurion Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe
HL Karl Thorgeirsson
HL Rafe Slater
HL Fionnghuala Ruadh inghean Ui Chonchobhair
Lord Mikjall Stoti
Lord Lorenzo Martin
Lady Kseniia Svetovna Volkova
Lord Cristobal Vazquez de Tarragona 

Heraldry Committee
Mistress Emma de Fetherstan, Temperaunce Herald
Master Etienne de Saint Amaranth
Master Tadhg mac Áedáin Uí Chonchobhair
Baron Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair

Financial Policy Committee
Duke Jean Paul de Sens
Mistress Elsa von Snackenburg
Mistress Sabine Lefevre
Centurion Charles the Grey
Lord Mikjall Stoti

Crowns who oversaw the process
Vlad & Margaret
Sven III & Cristyana
Jason & Margherita III

Kingdom Exchequer who oversaw the process
Mistress Sabine Lefevre

Kingdom Seneschals who oversaw the process
Master Ainar Magnusson
Countess Nicollet Deauville
Master Avery Shaw
Master Brian O’hUilliam