Their Sanguine Highnesses

Arms of Vindheim

Prince Jean Paul de Sens

Personal Device of Prince Jean Paul

Princess Gilyan Clonmacnoise

Personal Arms of Princess Gilyan

Head of Entourage
Aelfwyn Webbestre

Fountain Herald
Etienne de St. Amaranth

Thunderbolt Signet
Kyrus Logisson
Kajira Camber
Deanna della Penna


Her Persona/Interests:
Anglo-Saxon, 9th-11th century
Anglo-Saxon artwork, metalwork, and embroidery
Horses and dogs 
Early period Cut-and-Thrust / Calontir Steel
Watching combat

Gilyan is an introvert and prefers small groups and quiet places

Savory pies, brownies, roasted vegetables and meats, chocolate – the darker and saltier the better
Gilyan has braces, so what she is willing to eat can change drastically, but mostly soft things and no chips.
Preferred beverages are Tropical Punch Kool-aid, Diet Mt Dew, and Mt Dew Zero Spark

Jean Paul

His persona/interests are:
Burgundian/Landscknecht, 1490s-1500
Watching combat
Making armor

Jean Paul is an extrovert and enjoys talking to everybody

Fruits (grapes/cherries), vegetables (cucumbers/cherry tomatoes), and lean meats. Lemon Bars.
Jean Paul will try almost anything at least once.
Preferred beverages are Diet Dr. Pepper, Lo Carb Monster, Original Strongbow

Cauliflower, avocado/guacamole, brussel sprouts, honeydew, cantaloupek, red, and white.

  • A lot of people don’t have a lot of Vindheim wearables yet. So wearables, accessories, etc, with Vindheim visual motifs would be especially appreciated.
  • Decorated cardboard/temporary scroll keepers
  • Kits (a container with items necessary to complete a small task or learn a new skill such as Thread Wrapped Buttons, Fingerloop Braiding, Fighter Consumables, small notebook and pens, Garb First Aid, etc)