Their Serene Highnesses

Prince Romanius Scipio Vesperanius

Personal Arms of Prince Romanius
Arms of Vindheim

Princess Deanna della Penna

Personal Arms of Princess Deanna

Head of Entourage
Michelle Chantal de Charente

Adalia VonderBerg

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A lot of people don’t have a lot of Vindheim wearables yet. So wearables, accessories, etc, with Vindheim visual motifs would be especially appreciated.

Coronet of Vindheim


Likes: black breakfast tea, charcuterie, and things that make scribes happy.

Persona: Her persona is 14th c. Italian, and her personal colors are black and gold.


Likes: fresh baked bread, salted almonds, good chocolate, and things that keep him warm.

Persona: His persona is 7th c. Roman, and his personal colors are black, red, and white.


Allergies: Deanna is allergic to pistachios, horses, cats, and almond milk.


Dislikes: cinnamon and undercooked food