Awards, Orders and Honors

Have you seen someone going above and beyond? Excelling at a skill? Please let Their Serene Highnesses know by submitting an Award Recommendation! You can read Award Descriptions below.

Check the Vindheim Recognitions to see if the recipient has already been recognized:

SCA NameDate GivenAward Name
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe4/30/2022Bastion of Vindheim
Vincenti da Murano12/10/2022Bastion of Vindheim
Zubaydah al-Badawiyyah6/17/2023Bastion of Vindheim
Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise11/18/2023Bastion of Vindheim
Romanius Vesperianus10/29/2022Brazier of Vindheim
Jason Drysdale10/29/2022Brazier of Vindheim
Perrin de Beaujeu11/5/2022Brazier of Vindheim
Klauss Luinstra of Wiesenfeuer12/17/2022Brazier of Vindheim
Voyszvilk Greycius Vilniszkis4/15/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Matteo de Genua4/15/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Ivo Blackhawk4/15/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Isaac Bane4/15/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Captain Savage4/29/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Facon du Pray5/20/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Daniel Schade5/20/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Thomas Westleigh6/17/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Isabeau Wynter7/8/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Orlando Giovanni7/8/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Torben Ulfbrok9/30/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Taidhgin O'Quinn10/21/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Hrafn of Eldern Hills10/28/2023Brazier of Vindheim
Adalia VonderBerg6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Marguerite Dinard6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Marcus von Fürth6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Zubaydah al-Badawiyyah6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Vincenti da Murano6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Margherita de Mantua6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
William Cameron de Blakstan6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Isaac Bane6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Michelle Chantal de Charente6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Ælfwyn Webbestre12/10/2022Key of Keys of Vindheim
Kajira Camber12/10/2022Key of Keys of Vindheim
Kyrus Logisson12/10/2022Key of Keys of Vindheim
Dafydd Whitacre12/10/2022Key of Keys of Vindheim
Etienne de Saint Amaranth12/10/2022Key of Keys of Vindheim
Octavia de Verdon12/10/2022Key of Keys of Vindheim
Marguerite Dinard12/10/2022Key of Keys of Vindheim
Ashildr in Harfagra6/17/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Ian the Grene6/17/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Yzabeau Brossier6/17/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Marcus von Fürth6/17/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Raulff Smeithberde6/17/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Skjoldulfr Hildibjarnarson6/17/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Zubaydah al-Badawiyyah6/17/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Muirenn ingen Chernaig6/17/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Orlando Giovanni6/17/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Margherita de Mantua6/17/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Yzabeau Brossier12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Marguerite Dinard12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Isaac Bane12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Adena Terrickdoutter12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Cera ingen Fhaelain12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Michelle Chantal de Charente12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Raulff Smeithberde12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Orlaith inghean Ui hUallachain12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Jean Paul de Sens12/9/2023Key of Keys of Vindheim
Myfanwy ferch Eifion6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Gabriel of Maccuswell6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Margaret ny Connor6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Ashildr in Harfagra6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Halldóra Hrafnsdóttir6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Annais Eleanor de Montgomerie6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Yzabeau Brossier6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Thomas Barnhardt6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Taidhgin O'Quinn6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Sabine Lefevre d'Armagnac6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Rafe Slater6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Nicaize Maupetit6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Lessandra della Torre6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Ælfwyn Webbestre6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Alexandre Crane6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Belgutei Batar6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Caterina Giovanni6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Fyn Alreksson6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Malkyn Hawke6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Kajira Camber6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Geoffrey de Gournay6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Godric Dalamar6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Jean Paul de Sens6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Emma de Fetherstan11/5/2022Key of Vindheim
Asha of Mooneschadowe11/5/2022Key of Vindheim
Christiaen Janssen12/3/2022Key of Vindheim
Marcus de la Forest12/3/2022Key of Vindheim
Umm al-Jafna Nalkah12/10/2022Key of Vindheim
Yzabeau Brossier12/10/2022Key of Vindheim
Isabella Coppola12/10/2022Key of Vindheim
Isaac Bane12/10/2022Key of Vindheim
Deanna della Penna12/10/2022Key of Vindheim
Estrill Swet12/10/2022Key of Vindheim
Elise Green6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Marguerite Dinard6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Malkyn Hawke6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Kolfinna Egilsdottir6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Diarmuid mac Brain6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Vincenti da Murano6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Cera ingen Fhaelain6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Villana Palazolo6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Phillippa of Ansteorra6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Lyra Fiammetta Caravaggio6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Sævarr Máni6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Gwenyvere Rose Foxe6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Halldóra Hrafnsdóttir6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Vigdis Grafeldr6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Beatrix Funteyn6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Liadan of Patrin Or6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Koia Karasova6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Deinis O Maille6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Isaac Bane6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Aileen Bean Ui Maille6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Isabella Coppola6/17/2023Key of Vindheim
Meurik the Humble12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Darian De Shameless12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Daniel Schade12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Fionnghuala Ruadh inghean Ui Chonchobhair12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Gyna Brusadotther12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Kenneth MacAlister12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Emma O'Ruairc12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Sabine Fulhaeberin12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Umm al-Jafna Nalkah12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Anastasiia Dmitrieva Sokolova12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Alexandre Crane12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Margherita de Mantua12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Eadwyn Gathyrde12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Cailleach Ui Chaerbhaill12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Sorcha McCullogh12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Damon Xanthos12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Vincenti da Murano12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Taddea de triste12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Thomas de Groet12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Jael Magnasdottir12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Villana Palazolo12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Koia Karasova12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Caterina Giovanni12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Koke Gan12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Torben Ulfbrok12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Gabrielle de Lacy12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Isabella Coppola12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Turpin Tyme12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Facon du Pray12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Kyrus Logisson12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Zubaydah al-Badawiyyah12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Sainte du Bois12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Alana Becket12/9/2023Key of Vindheim
Deanna della Penna6/18/2022Dove of Vindheim
Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise12/10/2022Dove of Vindheim
Caterina Giovanni6/17/2023Dove of Vindheim
Emmelina de Medeland12/9/2023Dove of Vindheim
Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne4/16/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Zubaydah al-Badawiyyah4/16/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Micolay Haiduk4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Orlando Giovanni4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Yancy Alfsson4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Vincenti da Murano4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Rebekah Aleyn4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Margherita de Mantua4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Gassion de Beaumarchais4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Andrew Turnbull4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Caterina Giovanni4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Kyrus Logisson4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Aldric de Kerr4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Adena Terrickdoutter4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Lillias MacGuffin5/21/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Adalia VonderBerg5/21/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Isaac Bane5/21/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Marguerite Dinard6/11/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Ivo Blackhawk6/11/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Uliana Haiduk6/11/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Turpin Tyme10/29/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe10/29/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Audrie de Lyon10/29/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Ayesha de Warwick10/29/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Eadwyn Gathyrde11/5/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Eadwyn Gathyrde11/5/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Elric Dracwine12/10/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Dominique Michelle le Vasseur12/10/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Vogna Zherebtsovia12/10/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Celeste le Charmant12/10/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Sigfried von Steinburg12/10/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Isabeau Wynter12/17/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Caton Cat Cathart1/28/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Ian Thornhill1/28/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Torianna Thornhill1/28/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Séigíne Brecc3/16/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Lyra Fiammetta Caravaggio3/16/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Annabelle Marie FitzSimmons4/1/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Cailleach Ui Chaerbhaill4/29/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Halldóra Hrafnsdóttir4/29/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Ashildr in Harfagra4/29/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Margaret MacDuff5/6/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Stigandr Houlegate5/20/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Elsa von Snackenburg5/20/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Ian the Grene6/3/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Gwenyvere Rose Foxe6/17/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Gwyneth of Ramsey Mere6/17/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Vitalis Gabrielle Venier della Mare10/21/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Cicily Bridges10/21/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Thomas de Groet3/14/2024Fountain of Vindheim
Liadan of Patrin Or3/14/2024Fountain of Vindheim
Brendan of Wiesenfeuer4/30/2022Golden Comb of Vindheim
Patrick of Wiesenfeuer4/30/2022Golden Comb of Vindheim
Rose of Marata9/17/2022Golden Comb of Vindheim
Steven of the North10/29/2022Golden Comb of Vindheim
Lenora du Montauban11/5/2022Golden Comb of Vindheim
Losaneta Valeta1/28/2023Golden Comb of Vindheim
Brook of Krakens Nest6/3/2023Golden Comb of Vindheim
Lily of Krakens Nest6/3/2023Golden Comb of Vindheim
Marguerite Dinard10/29/2022Pillar of Vindheim
Taidhgin O'Quinn10/29/2022Pillar of Vindheim
Michelle Chantal de Charente11/19/2022Pillar of Vindheim
Karl bogsveigir Thorgeirsson1/28/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Darian De Shameless2/4/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Kolfinna Egilsdottir2/4/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Sorcha McCullogh4/1/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Eadwyn Gathyrde4/15/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Koke Gan4/15/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Dyrfinna Mikaelsdottir4/29/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Rhiannon Redwulf5/20/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Liadan of Patrin Or6/3/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Muirenn Nia ingen Nath-I6/17/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Diarmuid mac Brain6/17/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Sean mac Daniel6/17/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Hu Zhen7/8/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Milokhna della Riga9/30/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Sibeal inghean Ua Suileabhain10/7/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Castellana de Andalusia10/21/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Delesse de Beaumarchais10/28/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Fionnghuala Ruadh inghean Ui Chonchobhair10/28/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Keina Terrickdoutter12/9/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Rúna Bjarka3/14/2024Pillar of Vindheim
Séigíne Brecc3/14/2024Pillar of Vindheim
Mikjall stoti3/14/2024Pillar of Vindheim
Gunnarr Bjornulfsson3/14/2024Pillar of Vindheim
Asoph Hearts4/16/2022Sanguine Bowl
Michelle Chantal de Charente4/16/2022Sanguine Bowl
Arthur of the Fen12/10/2022Sanguine Bowl
Kormakr Mikjallson12/10/2022Sanguine Bowl
Aki Seulf3/16/2023Sanguine Bowl
Dimitri Zenonovich5/20/2023Sanguine Bowl
Alisandre Oliphant12/9/2023Sanguine Bowl
Jan w Orzeldom12/9/2023Sanguine Bowl
Kyrus Logisson11/19/2022Sanguine Company
Evangeline Blaunchflur11/19/2022Sanguine Company
Redulf Köl11/19/2022Sanguine Company
Vincenti da Murano11/19/2022Sanguine Company
Halldóra Hrafnsdóttir3/16/2023Sanguine Company
Benjamin of Brad Leah3/16/2023Sanguine Company
Facon du Pray3/16/2023Sanguine Company
Cera ingen Fhaelain3/16/2023Sanguine Company
Captain Savage3/16/2023Sanguine Company
Orlando Giovanni6/15/2023Sanguine Company
Gunnarr Bjornulfsson6/15/2023Sanguine Company
Raulff Smeithberde8/10/2023Sanguine Company
Torben Ulfbrok8/10/2023Sanguine Company
Wulfgar Martel8/10/2023Sanguine Company
Micauley Morison8/10/2023Sanguine Company
Ashildr in Harfagra8/10/2023Sanguine Company
Rúna Bjarka8/10/2023Sanguine Company
Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise11/18/2023Sanguine Company
Veronica du Sanguine11/18/2023Sanguine Company
Godric Dalamar11/18/2023Sanguine Company
Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair11/18/2023Sanguine Company
Aki Vervain3/14/2024Sanguine Company
Marcus von Fürth3/14/2024Sanguine Company
Sævarr Máni3/14/2024Sanguine Company
Alana Becket11/19/2022Sinople Company
Adriana Lorelle11/19/2022Sinople Company
Vanesa de Verona11/19/2022Sinople Company
Iziaslava Veronikeia Myshkovicha11/19/2022Sinople Company
Kolfinna Egilsdottir3/16/2023Sinople Company
Masina da Ferrara3/16/2023Sinople Company
Nafisa al-Nahdiya3/16/2023Sinople Company
Keina Terrickdoutter3/16/2023Sinople Company
Sævarr Máni3/16/2023Sinople Company
Halldóra Hrafnsdóttir6/15/2023Sinople Company
Jelena Grubisic6/15/2023Sinople Company
Cera ingen Fhaelain8/10/2023Sinople Company
Lyra Fiammetta Caravaggio11/18/2023Sinople Company
Vincenti da Murano11/18/2023Sinople Company
Adriana Lorelle3/14/2024Sinople Company
Orlaith inghean Ui hUallachain11/19/2022Tenne Company
Skeggi berbeinn Sebbason ins sterka11/19/2022Tenne Company
Raulff Smeithberde11/19/2022Tenne Company
Emmelina de Medeland11/19/2022Tenne Company
Etienne de Saint Amaranth3/16/2023Tenne Company
Taidhgin O'Quinn3/16/2023Tenne Company
Sean mac Daniel3/16/2023Tenne Company
Thomas de Groet3/16/2023Tenne Company
Alondra Martell3/16/2023Tenne Company
Sven of Namron6/15/2023Tenne Company
Mani Haust Melrakki6/15/2023Tenne Company
Andreas Berneyt8/10/2023Tenne Company
Marguerite Dinard8/10/2023Tenne Company
Elric Dracwine11/18/2023Tenne Company
Dominique Michelle le Vasseur11/18/2023Tenne Company
Castellana de Andalusia11/18/2023Tenne Company
Halldóra Hrafnsdóttir3/14/2024Tenne Company
Facon du Pray3/14/2024Tenne Company
Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair3/14/2024Tenne Company
Asoph Hearts3/14/2024Tenne Company
Orlaith inghean Ui hUallachain3/14/2024Tenne Company
Adalia VonderBerg3/14/2024Tenne Company
Margherita de Mantua3/14/2024Tenne Company
Vincenti da Murano3/14/2024Tenne Company
Daniel Schade3/14/2024Tenne Company
Sævarr Máni4/30/2022Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Lillias MacGuffin9/17/2022Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Guinevere Llywelyn11/5/2022Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Skeggi berbeinn Sebbason ins sterka2/4/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Elise Green2/4/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Karl Hungus2/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Tycho Leksten2/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Andrew Viggesson2/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Gothric Viggesson2/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise3/16/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Shiro of Marata3/16/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Seren of Namron4/1/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Odd of Namron4/1/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Tiberius Kirk4/29/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Jocelyn di Michele4/29/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Ivan Antonius di Castronovo4/29/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Anastasiia Dmitrieva Sokolova5/20/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Katrina Glöckelîn5/27/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Halldóra Hrafnsdóttir5/27/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Beatrix Funteyn6/15/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Micauley Morison11/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Marcus of the Eldern Hills11/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Saebjorn Haroldson11/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Marcus Rook2/3/2024Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Marcus Rook3/14/2024Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Ajax of Northkeep3/14/2024Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Katrina Glöckelîn3/14/2024Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Sigmund von Wermer3/14/2024Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Nafisa al-Nahdiya3/14/2024Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe2/26/2022Vindheim Chivalric Champion
Dafydd Whitacre6/18/2022Vindheim Chivalric Champion
Raulff Smeithberde12/10/2022Vindheim Chivalric Champion
Turpin Tyme6/17/2023Vindheim Chivalric Champion
Jean Paul de Sens12/9/2023Vindheim Chivalric Champion
Johann Wolfgang von Aue11/5/2022Vindheim Cut & Thrust Champion
Sævarr Máni2/3/2024Vindheim Cut & Thrust Champion
Dafydd Whitacre6/18/2022Vindheim Prince's Chivalric Champion
Ashildr in Harfagra8/27/2022Vindheim Princess' Rapier Champion
Marcus von Fürth12/18/2021Vindheim Rapier Champion
Sævarr Máni8/27/2022Vindheim Rapier Champion
Marcus von Fürth12/10/2022Vindheim Rapier Champion
Facon du Pray6/17/2023Vindheim Rapier Champion
Sævarr Máni12/9/2023Vindheim Rapier Champion

Award Descriptions

All principality awards are non-armigerous. See full Award Constitutions and images on the Vindheim College of Heralds site, which is still under construction.

ORDER OF THE SANGUINE BOWL OF VINDHEIM – recognizing those who do not currently reside within our zip codes, but whose love, dedication, and service make them truly one of us in spirit.

ORDER OF THE GOLDEN COMB OF VINDHEIM – a youth order for those who excel as minors, despite the limitations of their age and circumstances. With an order, you are admitted once… but even though only youth are admitted, you never age out.

AWARD OF THE THUNDERBOLT OF VINDHEIM – for those that have shown an example of phenomenal prowess, extraordinary artistry, or remarkable service.

AWARD OF THE FOUNTAIN OF VINDHEIM – In order to recognize skills freely shared for the betterment of Vindheim, there shall exist in the Principality of Vindheim a non armigerous award which shall be given by the Vindheim Coronet(s) unto such persons  who have used their skills in the arts and sciences to serve and enhance the communities of Vindheim. The candidate should use their skills and talents to contribute to the betterment of Vindheim or its subordinate communities. If the Vindheim Coronet deems a another area of service to be significantly different as to warrant additional recognition, this award may be given additional times.

AWARD OF THE BRAZIER OF VINDHEIM – In order to recognize skills freely shared for the betterment of Vindheim, there shall exist in the Principality of Vindheim a non armigerous award which shall be given by the Vindheim Coronet(s) unto such persons who have used their martial skills to serve and enhance the communities of Vindheim. The candidate should use their skills and talents to contribute to the betterment of Vindheim or its subordinate communities. If the Vindheim Coronet deems a another area of service to be significantly different as to warrant additional recognition, this award may be given additional times.

AWARD OF THE PILLAR OF VINDHEIM – In order to recognize skills freely shared for the betterment of Vindheim, there shall exist in the Principality of Vindheim a non armigerous award which shall be given by the Vindheim Coronet(s) unto such persons who have offered notable service to communities of Vindheim through the gift of their time or organizational skills.  Service done to enable the communities of Vindheim, be it martial, artistic, or the community as a whole.  The candidate should use their skills and talents to contribute to the betterment of Vindheim or its subordinate communities. If the Vindheim Coronet deems a another area of service to be significantly different as to warrant additional recognition, this award may be given additional times.

“ARMY” OR “SPECIAL FORCES” AWARDS – There is a group of awards known as the “army awards” or the “Vindheim Special Forces”. It is important to note that anyone can consider themselves a part of the Vindheim Army, but there are some who have taken on the burden of representing Vindheim well in foreign lands through their skills, actions, and comportment. These people have subsequently been recognized by the Coronet as having increased the recognition or improved upon the reputation of Vindheim. The army awards can only be given by the Coronet outside of Vindheim and at a war event. 

An army relies on those who do service to manage logistics of travel and sustenance and many other things. An army also relies on those who do art to create heraldic banners and clothing, weapons of war, and many other things. An army is not just martial skills. This is why there are three awards in the army grouping – one for each of the aspects of a successful army.

The army awards can be given more than once to the same individual, but only once for a particular field as listed in the award constitutions. Army awards are able to be given to both adult and youth participants.

COMPANY OF THE SANGUINE HORSE OF VINDHEIM – The Company of the Sanguine Horse is for those who engage in martial activities. The sanguine color is a blood-red color, similar to the shade of red most often used when displaying the Vindheim arms or creating Vindheim-centric clothing or banners.

The Sanguine Horse award can be given for the areas of expertise as listed below.

  • Armoured Combat
  • Rapier Combat
  • Steel Combat
  • Combat Archery
  • Target Archery
  • Siege Combat
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Youth Rapier Combat
  • Youth Armoured Combat
  • Equestrian Deeds of Arms


The Company of the Sinople Horse is for those who engage in art or science activities. The sinople color is a green color, similar to an herb shade rather than emerald or evergreen. 

The Sinople Horse award can be given for the areas of expertise as listed below.

  • Fiber Arts
  • Culinary Arts
  • Performance Arts
  • Household Arts
  • Metal Arts
  • Research
  • Tangible Heraldry
  • Husbandry

Some examples of a member of the Sinople Horse Company would be someone who sews clothing for those at a war, or who helps to feed the Vindheim army. It could also be someone who teaches a class at war while representing Vindheim. People who create banners to display at war, forge banner holders, learn Roman military commands, or sing songs about Vindheim.


The Company of the Tenne Horse is for those who engage in service activities. The tenne color is an orange color, similar to Texas Tech burnt orange rather than Oklahoma State orange. 

The Tenne Horse award can be given for the areas of expertise as listed below.

  • Group Management
  • Event Administration
  • Infrastructure
  • General Assistance
  • Event Operations

Some examples of a member of the Tenne Horse Company would be someone who manages or helps at an event – not just an event steward or department head, but someone who manages the trash or sets up the fields for martial scenarios. It could also be someone who manages a group campsite or enables others to attend the war. People who see a need and offer their assistance at a war, all while representing Vindheim well.