Awards, Orders and Honors

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SCA NameDate GivenAward Name
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe4/30/2022Bastion of Vindheim
Vincenti da Murano12/10/2022Bastion of Vindheim
Jason Drysdale10/29/2022Brazier of Vindheim
Romanius Vesperianus10/29/2022Brazier of Vindheim
Perrin de Beaujeu11/5/2022Brazier of Vindheim
Klauss Luinstra12/17/2022Brazier of Vindheim
Adalia VonderBerg6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Isaac Bane6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
William Cameron de Blakstan6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Margherita de Mantua6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Vincenti da Murano6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Zubaydah al-Badawiyyah6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Marcus von Fürth6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Marguerite Dinard6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Michelle Chantal de Charente6/18/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Marguerite Dinard12/10/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Ælfwyn Webbestre12/10/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Octavia de Verdon12/10/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Etienne de Saint Amaranth12/10/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Dafydd Whitacre12/10/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Kyrus Logisson12/10/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Kajira Camber12/10/2022Clavis Clavium of Vindheim
Ælfwyn Webbestre6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Margaret ny Connor6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Myfanwy ferch Eifion6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Ashildr in Harfagra6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Halldóra Hrafnsdóttir6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Annais Eleanor de Montgomerie6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Yzabeau Brossier6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Thomas Barnhardt6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Taidhgin O'Quinn6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Sabine Lefevre d'Armagnac6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Rafe Slater6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Nicaize Maupetit6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Lessandra della Torre6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Kajira Camber6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Jean Paul de Sens6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Godric Dalamar6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Geoffrey de Gournay6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Fynn Alreksson6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Caterina Giovanni6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Belgutei Batar6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Alexandre Crane6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Malkyn Hawke6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Gabriel of Maccuswell6/18/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Emma de Fetherstan11/5/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Asha of Mooneschadowe11/5/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Christiaen Janssen12/3/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Marcus de la Forest12/3/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Estrill Swet12/10/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Deanna della Penna12/10/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Isaac Bane12/10/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Isabella Coppola12/10/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Yzabeau Brossier12/10/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Nalkah umm al-Jafna12/10/2022Clavis of Vindheim
Deanna della Penna6/18/2022Dove of Vindheim
Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise12/10/2022Dove of Vindheim
Zubaydah al-Badawiyyah4/16/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne4/16/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Margherita de Mantua4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Orlando Giovanni4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Yancy Alfsson4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Vincenti da Murano4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Rebekah Aleyn4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Micolay Haiduk4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Gassion de Beaumarchais4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Andrew Turnbull4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Caterina Giovanni4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Kyrus Logisson4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Aldric de Kerr4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Adena Terrickdoutter4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe4/30/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Lillias MacGuffin5/21/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Adalia VonderBerg5/21/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Isaac Bane5/21/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Marguerite Dinard6/11/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Uliana Haiduk6/11/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Ivo Blackhawk6/11/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Audrie de Lyon10/29/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Ayesha de Warwick10/29/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe10/29/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Turpin Tyme10/29/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Eadwyn Gathyrde11/5/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Eadwyn Gathyrde11/5/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Elric Dracwine12/10/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Dominique Michelle le Vasseur12/10/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Vogna Zherebtsovia12/10/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Celeste le Charmant12/10/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Sigfried von Steinburg12/10/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Isabeau Wynter12/17/2022Fountain of Vindheim
Caton Cat Cathart1/28/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Ian Thornhill1/28/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Torianna Thornhill1/28/2023Fountain of Vindheim
Brendan Isaacson4/30/2022Golden Comb of Vindheim
Patrick Isaacson4/30/2022Golden Comb of Vindheim
Rose of Marata9/17/2022Golden Comb of Vindheim
Steven of the North10/29/2022Golden Comb of Vindheim
Lenora du Montauban11/5/2022Golden Comb of Vindheim
Losaneta Valeta1/28/2023Golden Comb of Vindheim
Taidhgin O'Quinn10/29/2022Pillar of Vindheim
Marguerite Dinard10/29/2022Pillar of Vindheim
Michelle Chantal de Charente11/19/2022Pillar of Vindheim
Karl bogsveigir Thorgeirsson1/28/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Darien DeShameless2/4/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Kolfinna Egilsdottir2/4/2023Pillar of Vindheim
Asoph Hearts4/16/2022Sanguine Bowl
Michelle Chantal de Charente4/16/2022Sanguine Bowl
Arthur of the Fen12/10/2022Sanguine Bowl
Kormakr Mikjallson12/10/2022Sanguine Bowl
Vincenti da Murano11/19/2022Sanguine Company
Kyrus Logisson11/19/2022Sanguine Company
Evangeline Blaunchflur11/19/2022Sanguine Company
Redwulf von Kuhl11/19/2022Sanguine Company
Alana Becket11/19/2022Sinople Company
Adriana Lorelle11/19/2022Sinople Company
Vanesa de Verona11/19/2022Sinople Company
Iziaslava Veronikeia Myshkovicha11/19/2022Sinople Company
Emmelina de Medeland11/19/2022Tenne Company
Orlaith inghean Ui hUallachain11/19/2022Tenne Company
Skeggi berbeinn Sebbason ins sterka11/19/2022Tenne Company
Raulff Smeithberde11/19/2022Tenne Company
Sævarr Máni4/30/2022Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Lillias MacGuffin9/17/2022Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Guinevere Llywelyn11/5/2022Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Skeggi berbeinn Sebbason ins sterka2/4/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Alyss Green2/4/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Karl Hungus2/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
William du Lac2/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Andrew Viggesson2/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Gothric Viggesson2/18/2023Thunderbolt of Vindheim
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe2/26/2022Vindheim Chivalric Champion
Dafydd Whitacre6/18/2022Vindheim Chivalric Champion
Raulff Smeithberde12/10/2022Vindheim Chivalric Champion
Johann Wolfgang von Aue11/5/2022Vindheim Cut & Thrust Champion
Dafydd Whitacre6/18/2022Vindheim Prince's Chivalric Champion
Ashildr in Harfagra8/27/2022Vindheim Princess' Rapier Champion
Marcus von Fürth12/18/2021Vindheim Rapier Champion
Sævarr Máni8/27/2022Vindheim Rapier Champion
Marcus von Fürth12/10/2022Vindheim Rapier Champion