The Middle Ages as they Ought to Have Been – The Tale of Baron Edwin and Baron Poul

All of us try to recreate history in this modern world. In and of itself the SCA creates a history that has been passed down over the years, mostly by oral tradition. There is such a tale, lost in the storied history of the Steppes that we wish to bring to light.

It was the year of 1993, when Edwin FitzLloyd became the Baron of the Steppes. Being landed nobility is a massive undertaking, a weight that is easier carried by two. Edwin stepped up alone, but he did not lead alone.

He had a long time partner, Poul Rollant who was with him every step of the way.

Prior to 2012, the SCA only recognized the landed nobility as Baron and Baroness. On paper, Edwin was Baron of the Steppes alone. Edwin and Poul led the Steppes, with Poul being an unofficial consort, while putting in the same effort and time. At Steppes Warlord 22 months after Edwin’s investiture, the Crown made Poul a Baron of the Court. Poul sat by Edwin’s side on the Oaken Thrones from then on. A couple of times, when Edwin could not attend joint events held in the area to represent the Steppes, Poul was allowed by the Crown to be their representative. Every Crown during this tenure, and the populace of the Steppes recognized Poul as Edwin’s spouse, and as the other half of the partnership that were stewards of these lands.

Edwin and Poul were Barons of the Steppes for over 7 years, the longest serving landed nobility in our barony’s history. On 12th Night, in the year 2000, Edwin was to step down as Baron. Poul sat with Edwin in court in a matching black and green houppelonde. At this event, Poul wore upon his brow the enameled Steppes coronets (made by Duchess Athena). The same enameled coronets worn by the landed nobility of the Steppes to this day. When Edwin stepped down, he took the coronet from Poul to return to the hands of the Crown before doing the same with his coronet. Poul received a Kingdom service award the same evening after their final court.

The cover of the Steppes Letter that month featured the arms of both Edwin and Poul.

We believe that it is well past time to recognize the contributions of BOTH Edwin and Poul. To that end, we have asked our webminister to add Poul to our baronial history page as baronial consort for the full tenure of Edwin’s reign. We are also having the stained glass banner from Edwin’s reign repainted to include Poul’s arms next to Edwin’s – to match those of every other Baronial couple of the Steppes. This will be debuted at Steppes Artisan on August 5th.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to both Edwin and Poul for their long service to the Steppes.

Vivat the Steppes!

Katerine & Baudoyn
Baroness and Baron of the Steppes
June 27, A.S. LVIII (2023)

A royal court with nobility in crowns seated on thrones
Steppes Warlord AS XXXV. Their Excellencies Baron Edwin and Baron Poul hold court with Their Majesties Gunthar and Sara and Their Highnesses Dafydd and Octavia
The Baronial Court of Edwin and Poul
Their Excellencies of the Steppes, Edwin and Poul