Games of Skill and Chance

Go Tournament

hosted by Lord Galfridus of Shrewsbury (mka Kyle Koski)

Hello. As many of you have heard this year we are hosting a Go tournament for Wool Lord.

Go is one of the great games of skill and it will be a pleasure to see who climbs the ladder to be Steppes’ best tactician.

We will be playing on Please make your screen names before the start of the tournament. I also strongly recommend you use its tutorials and practice modes if you are not already familiar with the game.

Ideally, I would like to draw up brackets Friday night. So please reach out to me with your screen name and intent to play by Friday at 7pm.

The first game will begin at Noon on Saturday, and one hour will be allowed for each round. To give me time to make sure everyone is connected, the second round will begin at 1:30. Then 3pm and so on.

I will create the tournament chat Saturday morning, and look forward to seeing you all.