Rapier Combat

Rapier combat is a style of historical fencing practiced in the SCA. This activity, also called “light” fighting, aims to imitate the style of sword fighting found in manuals and theories from the late Middle Ages: the 14th to 16th centuries. Though this type of combat may look like modern Olympic fencing, the two have many differences! Rapier fighting in the Society for Creative Anachronism more closely resembles actual swordplay, and participants use a wide variety of weapons and protection when fighting. There are many different ways to enjoy rapier fighting from standard tournaments to large melees that pit dozens, or even hundreds, of fighters against each other on opposing sides of a great battle!

To participate in rapier, you will need a blade and a few pieces of armor. Our combatants use safe, unsharpened, steel blades with rubber caps at the end to ensure nobody accidentally gets cut. Fighters use a variety of blades from large swords to small daggers. The use of bucklers and other types of objects as shields is also common. Participants are required to wear a mask that protects the head as well as neck protection in order to take the field as a rapier fighter. A fighter’s clothing must also meet specific requirements set forth by society and kingdom. Full guidelines for protective gear can be found in the Society Handbook and the Kingdom Handbook. We have plenty of loaner gear available for you to use when you first start out, so don’t worry about buying your own things right away. All you need to get started is a cup, closed toe shoes, and some clothes you are able to move in! 

Cut and Thrust

Cut and Thrust is a style of combat that has recently been developing in the SCA. Often described as a cross between rapier and armored combat, this style of combat uses steel blades and requires more protection than your standard rapier fighting kit.