Newcomers’ Academy

Welcome to the Steppes Newcomers’ Academy!

The Academy is focused on assisting newcomers to the SCA and the Barony, and helping them learn all about the SCA, the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and of course, our Barony of the Steppes and Canton of Glaslyn. We also want to welcome our newly arrived SCAdians from other Kingdoms who now make their home in the Steppes and Glaslyn.

It is a great place to meet members who are new just like you as well as more seasoned members with a lot of knowledge to share with you.

Check our Facebook, Discord, or Calendar for information on the next class!

The Academy is open to all whom are interested in attending.  Once you complete all six classes weather it be all six in consecutive order or three this session and three the next you will graduate the program.


The six classes taught at the Academy are:

  • Intro to the SCA
  • Persona and Heraldry
  • Costuming
  • Courtly Graces and Awards
  • Eventing and Camping
  • How to get more involved in the SCA