King’s Champion Tourney

The King’s Champion tourney is open to anyone wanting to just fight. At sign-up, we will check to see who wants to be considered for champion and can meet the requirements of the title which is to be able to attend 75% or more of the events throughout the reign including Gulf Wars and attend His Majesty when needed.

The format for the tournament will be a bear pit with timed intervals for different weapon styles. The weapon styles will include sword and shield, glaive, and bastard sword. Upon the conclusion of the bear pit, the king may select some finalists for some additional bouts. The king will announce his champion in court.
Remember that the king’s champion is a high-profile kingdom position and as such, His Majesty will be looking for someone who will represent us well inside, and especially outside, of the kingdom. So, during the fights, besides a high-level of fighting prowess, we want individuals who look sharp, comport themselves well and with great honor, have panache, and also show that they have fun out there!
In case of rain or unsuitable field, all fighting tournaments will be moved to another event.

Guardian of the King’s Dream Tourney

Bear Pit format. Youth age 6-17, must have a legal guardian at the field. Contact Lady Muireen Chiethernag (Angela Gunther) via Facebook or at if you have questions. She will have loaner armor there, but participants need to remember their own groin protection.

Homemade Soup Competition

You must pre-register your entry with Baroness Seraphina by sending an email to ady.catsATgmail

Your email must include your mundane name, your society name, your type of soup and top three main ingredients. Entries will be accepted until we have a plethora of soups or up until Friday, Oct. 12th, whichever comes first. If you end up cancelling, send an email about that too so we can plan for space accordingly please.

Further, you MUST type up your entire ingredient list and display it along with your entry. If your entry is a period recipe, with or without substitutions, please note it on your ingredient list and source.

There is NO stove available for our use at this event site, all entries MUST be in a crockpot.

Your entry must be warmed up and ready to serve at 11am (ish). Gate opens at 8:30.

Please prepare at least 2.5 quarts and be prepared to serve at least 10 8oz servings, preferably in a disposable heat tolerant cup with a spoon available (we may have extras). Bring your own ladle. Space is limited.

Gaming in the Fellowship Hall

There will be multiple games of different types for a wide variety of tastes. At least one new one is being created for Coronation. Come and see what Duke Hrafn has for you!

Largesse Derby

2 cool things!

Winner picks one item out of all entries and the rest go to the new crown. Table will be set up after ascension court near sanctuary. Sorry, no alcohol of any kind is allowed at this site.

Original Scroll Display

Original Scroll Display hosted by Devin Phelan O’Donnabhain, Star Signet Herald.

This is an opportunity to see some original scroll work by our talented Kingdom scribes. If you are interested in displaying a scroll, please contact HE Devin Phelan O’Donnabhain at or via Facebook (David Brown).

Children’s Activities by Cordeilla verch Rosser

Decorating goblets, Viking brooches, making shield and swords, making musical instruments