Children’s Activities

The Society for Creative Anachronism is a family friendly organization that is open to people of all ages! For our young members, many events will offer children’s activities to help the entire family join in the fun. We value the safety of all of our participants, so our youth officers undergo background checks, and our activities are reasonably scaled to be appropriate for different age groups. Activities include, service, art, medieval gaming, combat, and just hanging out with friends.

Youth Combat

Children ages 6-17 have the opportunity to participate in both armored and rapier combat! These activities have been modified from their adult versions in order to allow our younger members to safely participate. Youth armored combat uses padded “boffer” weapons and teaches courtesy, empathy, and safety. Youth rapier also teaches these important skills, and uses lighter weapons than regular adult rapier combat. Brackets are not split by gender, but there are separate divisions based on age: 6-9 years, 10-13 years, and 14-17 years. We know that kids’ interests jump around, that is why we have loaner gear available for your child to try the activities out without having to spend any money!