Armored Combat

Armored combat has been around as long as the SCA itself! Also called “heavy” or “chivalric” combat, armored fighting is a staple of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Combat in the SCA is full speed and unchoreographed, so everything you see is happening in real time! Heavy combatants participate in a variety of different scenarios from one on one tournament fighting to large scale melees involving hundreds of people!

Participants use weapons made of rattan, a type of wood or grass that is similar to bamboo but has a solid core. This material is used for the safety of everyone involved since rattan does not splinter when it wears down or gets broken. Other weapons, such as axes and maces, use different types of rubber and foam to create safe weapon heads. Combatants are welcome to use a variety of armor types, as long as they adhere to society and kingdom armor rules. Typical requirements include head, neck, kidney, groin, elbow, forearm, and knee protection. You can find the full rules in the Society Marshal’s Handbook and our Kingdom Marshal’s Handbook. Participants have used plastic, steel, leather, aluminum, and much more to create warriors from every culture and era from the fierce samurai, to Viking warriors, to English nobles, and beyond! We have plenty of loaner gear available for you to use, so don’t fret if you don’t have your own kit. All you need to participate in our local practice is an athletic cup, closed toe shoes, and some clothes you feel comfortable moving and fighting in.