Baronial Awards

Like all SCA groups, The Steppes has its own local awards and service orders.

Acorn of the Steppes

The Acorn of the Steppes is an award for service to the Barony, because “mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” The insignia that recepients of this award may carry: a natural colored acorn necklace worn.

Order of the Oak

The Order of the Oak is our baronial service order. It was founded in 1976, and the first member inducted into the order was our first baron, Aulus Allemanius Draconis. Reading through a list of members of the Oaks is like a roll call of the Barony’s history. Insignia: metal oak leaf worn around the neck.

The Order of the Tread of the Steppes

Before the beginning of the Order of the Oak, we had a service order called The Order of the Tread of the SteppesThis order was created in 1973, before the Steppes was a barony, but few members were inducted after the Order of the Oak was begun. After the late 80s’, there was only one member inducted, and the Order of the Tread of the Steppes was officially closed in 2006.

The Grice’s Track

An award for service to the martial community

Heart of the Oak

Award for continued dedication and service to the barony, the populace and for representing the barony throughout the kingdom.

The Boar’s Tusk

A baronial award for martial prowess.

The Forest Light of the Steppes

A baronial award for prowess in the arts and sciences.


A baronial award for youths to recognize their service and efforts to support the barony.

Kingdom Awards

Descriptions and explanations of Kingdom of Ansteorra awards are available on the College of Heralds website.

Order of Precedence

You can look up someone’s name and see what awards they already have on the Ansteorra Order of Precedence site, or check their Baronial Awards in the Steppes Order of Precedence.

Know someone who deserves a particular award? Use these forms to recommend them!

Baronial Award Recommendation Form
Kingdom Award Recommendation Form