About the Barony

The Barony of the Steppes is the second oldest barony in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

Its long history and central location in the Kingdom has made the Steppes a very important and active part of the SCA in Texas.

The History of The Steppes

Founded and first recognized by the SCA in 1973, we were originally a Shire known as The March of the Steppes. The March of the Steppes became a barony of in 1975, under the Baron Aulus Allemanius Draconis.

The Middle Ages as they Ought to Have Been – The Tale of Baron Edwin and Baron Poul

➡ Holders in Fief of the Steppes

Our Cantons

The Canton of Glaslyn

Representing Denton, TX and the surrounding area, The Canton of Glaslyn has existed in its current form as a Canton of the Steppes for 20 years.

Baronial Awards

List of Baronial Awards