Arts & Sciences

In addition to all the other wonderful activities, there will be an A&S display and competition!

Come show everyone what you’ve been working on this year! I want to welcome all artisans and artists to come inspire others with your skill and dedication. Each piece should have at least a brief written description of what it is, how you made it, what it is made of, and how it was made and used in period. New artisans are welcome, even if you’re not quite finished with your shiny new project.

Their excellencies will be choosing their new Artisan champion from among the entrants, but even if you are not looking to be their champion, you are more than welcome to come display your work.


Their Excellencies will be seeking a new Baronial Bardic Champion at Stargate Yule Revel!

The theme is stories, music, and song memorializing the culture of your surroundings, whether that be the SCA, the Middle East, Europe, or a small unknown Viking village.

All performances are welcome but of course there will be a bonus point available for every performer that invokes a Middle Eastern theme!

Format – Have 3 pieces prepared. Every participant will perform 2, and the chosen finalists will perform their third. The new Champion will be chosen by their Excellencies from the finalists.