Baron and/or BaronessThe reenactment and ceremonial leaders of the barony. They help set policy and coordinate all of the reenactment side business of the group.
SeneschalSeneschal – Group President. Handles all of the business and legal obligations of the group.
ExchequerTreasurer. Handles the finances and leads the finance committee.
Sentinel PersuivantLike the titled heralds of England, this is the title for our local herald.
HeraldThe herald coordinates announcments for courts, tournaments and assists with researching names, badges and devices.
DeviceSometimes called a coat of arms, a device is a unique pictoral representation of a person.
ChroniclerThe chronicler is responsible for the newsletter and its contents
HospitalerNew member coordinator. If you are interested in our group, this is the person to contact. They can explain the best ways for you to get involved and help you find your new passion.
Arts & SciencesThe umbrella name for classes, research resources and any other needs around renactment research. This includes period arts, science projects, performances, or experimental archeology.
MinisterOur name for an officer
MarshalThe safety officer for a martial arts activity. We have both minister level marshals and field safety marshals
Chivalric CombatThis is combat similar to knights in Europe and other earlier warrior cultures. It uses wooden swords to simulate combat
Cut and ThrustThis is one of our steel weapons forms and focuses on the use of steel practice swords to simulate the use of longswords and various other styles.
RapierThis combat style is centered around steel practice Rennaissance rapier swords.