What we are about…

The Barony of the Stargate is the oldest Society for Creative Anachronism group in the state of Texas. Founded in 1972, we have been recreating pre-17th century culture all around Houston for over 50 years.

The Houston Metro area now includes two additional groups, the Barony of Ravensfort (Woodlands/Conroe/Huntsville) and the Barony of Loch Soilleir (Clear Lake, Galveston and Brazoria Counties). Stargate is part of the SCA Kingdom of Ansteorra, (Anglo-Saxon for lone star) and is made from the State of Oklahoma and the Central Time zone areas of the State of Texas.

We have many local as well as Kingdom and international activities. Martial combat, which includes knightly (Chivalric) and steel weapons (Rapier/Cut and Thrust) has weekly practices where you can watch or try your hand at sword work. Unlike many other martial groups, we encourage looking the part with period clothing and atmosphere. We have loaner equipment if you would like to see if this is for you. Tournaments are held most weekends in and around the kingdom.

If you long for the days of Robin Hood, we have Archery and Thrown Weapons (Knives/Axes) at area archery ranges. Learn to shoot at targets or other combatants at our war events, or learn to throw an axe like a Viking. This is also a common competition activity at our weekend events.

Of course, you can’t buy all your needs off the rack. Our arts and sciences community will create or help you create your own look, equipment and period persona (complete with period name). Scratch the surface or dive deep into experimental archeology; it is up to you. If someone made, built or performed it before 1600, someone in the SCA is recreating it.