Chivalric Mortals pay heed! The gods and goddess of Mt Olympus are in need of new champions! They have descended to watch and test those who believe themselves worthy from among you.

They seek those who are skilled in all forms of chivalric combat, and those that can lead! You will demonstrate your ability to lead in a snow ball melee, followed by a display of prowess in an iron man tourney (five chances to hold the field, each one with a different weapon style).

They seek those who are strong of arm and mind! Can you overcome your opponent with strength alone or will you out-wit them in the arena? Can you count to three? Nine? Twelve? We will find out in a counted blows fight at the barrier, weapons at their Excellencies discretion.

And they seek to be entertained! They will test you! They will trick you! They will judge you! They demand acts of honor and chivalry! They will pick those that catch their eye and throw you in the holmgang. Defeat your opponent or push them out! Prove you are worthy of the privilege to be their new champions!

Rapier Lords and Ladies, good gentles all! Hear the words of Mercury, messenger and herald of the gods of Olympus!

The skies crack, the seas churn and the ground quakes! The gates of Mount Olympus have opened and the gods & goddesses have descended! Wordfame has spread even to their golden realm of mortal men and women who have grown strong in the ways of combat. It is an age of Heroes & Heroines! They seek those who stand tall with heart and mind these lands! Do you have what it takes to catch their eye?

Above all, the gods & goddesses of Olympus demand honor & valor! They demand skill and technique! And perhaps a little panache wouldn’t hurt! Win their favor and be remembered forevermore as a Hero or Heroine of the gods … or until next season when Ceres wants a change after her beloved daughter Proserpina returns from Pluto’s dead realm. Win their ire and be cast into by King Jupiter himself into the fiery pits of Tartarus … or maybe it was coastal summer. Either way, heat and torment!

Come, test your mettle in the Tournament of Rapier Blades! The tourney format will be a Swiss Five; combatants will be expected to do battle with each combat style: single rapier, rapier & rigid parry, rapier & dagger, rapier & cloak, case of rapiers. Combatants may choose whatever order they fight but they are not to repeat a style unless number of combat rounds exceeds styles. Bouts will be best two out of three rounds (unless numbers require single round).

Those fighters who by divine favor make it into the semi-finals and beyond must defer to the Parcae! Nay, not the butter but Goddesses of Fate! Their die shall be cast to see what combat style destiny demands of the combatants! Come, fight for honor! Fight for glory! Fight for immortality as a Hero!

Equestrian Citizens of the Empire, most excellent riders of the cavalry, and all devotees of Neptune, lord of horses: hark! A great ritual tournament, a hippika gymnasia, shall be held this twentieth day of April. Let all those make ready whose steeds are warlike and bold, whose harness shines bright, and whose courage is great within them – for this is no ordinary tournament. The victor shall have the favor of the gods, and bear their title as Hero for the year henceforth!

Each steed and rider shall show their boldness in the charge, both unarmed and with spear and shield; they shall show their skill in archery; their courage shall be tried in the leap over an obstacle and on strange footing. The harmony of horse and rider shall also be tested: riders will mount and dismount to show the patience and attentiveness of the steed. Extra favor shall be granted to riders who forgo the use of stirrups, in accordance with the current custom of the Empire, or who ride bare-back, as was once common.
May the gods smile upon the tourney and all those who vie for the prize!

The equestrian championship at this year’s Stargate and Loch Soillier Baronials will consist of an unconventional challenge course, plus points for participation in mounted archery. BRING YOUR ARCHERY EQUIPMENT. During the challenge course, riders will be asked to dismount and remount (a block will be provided); a penalty will be incurred if the horse moves. An optional jump will be part of the course, as suggested by ancient training manuals. No penalty will be incurred for choosing to step over a pole instead of jump. Additional components will include a tarp to cross, a charge and retreat maneuver, and an attack carrying a full-size Roman cavalry shield and spear.

Extra points will be awarded at judges’ discretion for completing the course with flair or in a manner that exemplifies the ancients’ admiration of show and spirit in the warhorse. Additional points will also be available for riding without stirrups (stirrups may be used to mount), or bareback (mount/dismount component must still be completed!).

Archery Greetings Archers! The goddess Artemis calls you to tourney and then to the Hunt for the glory of the Baronies of Stargate and Loch Soilleir.

The first part of the competition will challenge your skills and determine your place in the hunt. A variety of entertaining and challenging shoots will be before you. Combat gear will be needed for one shoot (combat bow, ammunition, helm or mask and demi gauntlets). Loaner gear will be available.

The second part of the competition will be the great hunt! Test your prowess as you hunt creatures great and small! The hunt will be a timed competition. Your performance in the target competition will determine your place in the hunt and may earn you an advantage at their excellencies discretion.