Official Baronial Orders

Each barony of the society has an order that is awarded to our members that help keep the barony alive. Here are our baronial honors.

Order of the Misty Star

The Misty Star was the original baronial order of the Barony of the Stargate and was given from 1974 to 1982. It was temporarily reopened in 2002 to induct early baronial member Shanahan the Fey. Its membership can be found here.

Astral Clarion

The Astral Clarion was given from 1982-1983. This was the baronial order of Baron William the first and Baroness Gladwyn. It was closed after the untimely death of Baron William. Here are its members.

Sodality of the Sentinels of the Stargate 1984-Present

The Sodality is our current baronial order and includes an award of arms if not previously given. Here are its members.

Other Baronial Orders

Pearl of Great Price

Myrddin ap Rhys found himself upon a beach and as he walked, he came upon an ancient crown covered in precious pearls, as he reached to touch it, the crown crumbled spilling its precious ornaments on the sand as the tide began sweeping them out to sea. He quickly gathered as many as he could and kept them in secret within the Baronial keep of the Stargate. Only the barons and baronesses of the Stargate know how many there were and remain, but they are gifted to those who are precious to the live of the barony. Its membership is recorded here.

Order of the Rook

This order was the kingdom’s first children’s order. Its members are recorded here.

Gatekeepers of Stargate

Its members are recorded here.