Squires, Cadets, and Arcaruis

April 15-17, 2022

Along the coast of Ansteorra stand two great Baronies: Stargate, and Loch Soilleir, side by side. These Baronies invite you to the Tourney of Squires, Cadets, and Arcarius, a truly encompassing SCA event.

To compete, a person need not have a formal relation (be a Squire, Cadet, or Arcarius) with any Knight,
Don/Dona, or Arc d Or but only be authorized to do that marshal activity. The day will be filled with these students competing with muscle (tourneys), mind (A&S), courtly grace (dancing) and cunning
(a quest) to be named the Top Squire, Cadet or Arcarius of the day. With prizes, glory, and
above all opportunity for improvement to be had, come demonstrate your potential to the Baronies of Loch Soillier and Stargate!

The link for PayPal is below. Pre-registration opens Thursday March 17 and closes Tuesday April 5

Preregistration link

Facebook Event Page

Information regarding various portions of the competitions can be found at the bottom of the page.


Event Stewards:

HL Valeria Marcella De’Martinez
MKA Valeria Wisenbaker Brown

Site is Open:
April 15th 7pm – April 17th, 12 Noon
Gate: 8am – 2pm, Saturday

Pedigo Park, Livingston TX
925 US Highway 59
Livingston TX, 77351

Site Restrictions:
Site is Dry
Pets must be leashed.
Site allows camping and has showers and flushing toilets.
Electricity is free (bring an RV adapter plug) for those we need it

Make your best way to Livingston, Tx. Site is on the west side of 59 between 146 & 190
From 59N: exit 434D, follow 59 Loop S, around and under the freeway from 59S: exit 434B.
Turn right on Pedigo Pkwy, stay right at the baseball field.

Madame Margot de la Marche
MKA Margo Lambert

Adult Registration: $20
Member Discounted
Registration: $15
17 and Under: Free!

Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc, Barony of Stargate

Minors must be accompanied by a
parent or legal guardian. They may also
attend with a 21 year or older adult with
a signed and notarized Minor Event
Waiver Form from the parents.


A&S Competition:

Our A&S competition will have 2 categories for you to choose from. You may enter SCA Life, taking something modern and making it look as period as possible, or an A&S piece that is done in a period manner or style. When entering please keep in mind that these items will be judged by a Knight, White Scarf or MOD, or an Arc. Minimum documentation is needed (ie: what is it, what did you use to make it, when was it used, how do your methods/materials compare to originals), however, you want to impress the judges with your knowledge and skill. We look forward to seeing all of your entries. Note cards will be provided for writing descriptions/documentation on site for those needing it. And if you need special accommodations of space, power, or the like, or just want to help us allot space, consider filling out this pre-registration form for your entry. It will also save time day of, as you will already be on the list of entrants. A&S Pre-registration Form

Dance Competition:

The dance is Scottish Branle (Branle d’Escosse) from Arbeau. Competitors will be judged on knowledge of the choreography, execution of the steps, and deportment. The dance will be done in as a line of dancers and partners are not necessary. Competitors who prefer to dance socially-distanced may do so.

The music is from the CD “Musiques a danser de la renaissance française” by Compagnie Maître Guillaume. The track is available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI4knBz5zJY

All doubles and singles end with the free foot crossing in front of the other (weight-bearing) foot. Note: the original has a jump with capriole; dancers may do the jump without the capriole.

D = Double, S = Single, L = Left, R = Right, K = Kick, J = Jump

The A section of the dance is: DL DR SL SR DL DR SL SR
The B section of the dance is: DL SR SL DR DL SR KR KL KR J

The repeats on the recording are: AABB AABB AABB AA

Here are three Youtube videos of the dance. Please note that these are performance pieces and part of the dance in the first two videos has been changed to make the dance more interesting to a modern audience; the stomping in the third video is an embellishment. The parts where the dancers are in a single circle and/or line are the original choreography.