Welcome to the Canton of Skorragardr.

The gather/Populace meeting for the 8th of December will be held at Shawnee Public Library.  The library is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of E. Main St. and N. Philadelphia Ave (101 N.Philadelphia). Start time is 2pm through 430pm. Look forward to seeing you there.  Fagr Sigling, Ritterbaron Wilhelm, Seneschal Skorragardr.

Populace Meeting 26April2020

The next Populace meeting is scheduled for the 26th of April 2020, site to be determined, starting at approx. 2pm. Agenda items: Axeman XVI, upcoming activities, recruitment & demos, Medfair debrief, artwork submissions for the pavilion and trailer. Fagr Sigling, Ritterbaron Wilhelm, Seneschal Skorragardr.