Axeman XVIII(postponed to Nov2024)

Axeman XVIII is being postponed for 2023 and will be held the 1st through the 3rd of November 2024. Information is available on the “Canton of Skorragardr” Facebook page or by contacting the Skorragardr Seneschal. We will be accepting bids for Axeman XVIII, site to be determined..

Axeman XVII (2022)Champions: Chivalric>Ragnar Kelson, Youth Chivalric(from XV)>Dravin of Namron, Rapier>Darian de Shameless, Youth Rapier >Patrick, Thrown Weapons>Morgan Goodrich, Archery>Karl Thorgeirsson, Arts&Sciences>Iziaslava Myshkovicha , Bardic>Walker Walker Walker Walker (yes). In addition,c

Please come out and enjoy a wonderful day of competition and fellowship!

Ritterbaron Wilhelm von Buch