Axeman XV

Axeman XV was held at the Will Rogers Campground the 1st through the 3rd of November 2019. Information is available on the “Canton of Skorragardr” Facebook page. 

Axeman XV Champions: Chivalric>Centurion Wulfgard Martel, Youth Chivalric>Dravin of Namron, Rapier>Honorable Lord Karl Thorgeirsson, Thrown Weapons>Lord Rauliff Smeithbearde, Archery>Lady Eadwyn Seo Gathryde, Arts&Sciences>Matthew Mac Gille Fhaolain, Bardic>Centurion Wulfgard Martel

Thank you all for coming out and enjoying a wonderful day of competition and fellowship!Fagr Sigling. Ritterbaron Wilhelm von Buch, Seneschal Skorragardr