Welcome to the Canton of Skorragardr.

The Populace gathers and officer meetings are generally held the First Sunday of every month (depending on weather and event schedule). See “Canton of Skorragardr” facebook page for details. Specific information is posted on our Facebook page “Canton of Skorragardr”. Look forward to seeing you. 

Ritterbaron Wilhelm von Buch

Officer Meetings & Gathers

A Gather and Officers meeting is scheduled for 2pm, in the Milburn Room of the McLoud Public Library, on the 18th of September, 2022, see postings on Facebook page. The McLoud Public Library is located at 133 N. Main Street(Hwy 102) McLoud OK 74851. Visit “Canton of Skorragardr” facebook page for the latest updates. Future agenda items: Axeman XVII, upcoming activities, recruitment & demos, Tuesday gathers, and future gather activities.