Marshal Activities

Marshal Activities encompass any marshal art or combat activity, such as heavy and rapier fighting, archery, or thrown and siege weaponry. If the activity you want is not listed here, let us know on discord, facebook, or at a Populace meeting, and we will work with you to bring that activity to the Shadowlands.

Rapier Fighting

Rapier fighting is also known as fencing or light fighting. There are many different forms and techniques used throughout the ages. If you love the sound of swishing swords and graceful footwork, come learn at one of our weekly practices. more

Chivalric Fighting

Chivalric fighting, or heavy fighting, is exactly what you think of when you picture a knight in shining armor. Here you can fight in full armor with a variety of weapons from swords to maces to great axes and spears. Grab your sword and shield, don your helmet, and join us in glorious battle. more

Archery and Thrown Weapons

Have you ever wanted to shoot a long bow like Robin Hood? A Mongol bow? Crossbows? Do you want to throw spear, axes, or knives? Make bows? Strings? Arrows? Well then, our archery and thrown weapons activities are the place for you! more

Siege Weaponry

Do you want to build a catapult? How about a trebuchet? The siege weaponry guild is the perfect place to research, design, build, and fire any projectile weapon that’s too big to hold in your hands. more