Chivalric fighting

Heavy, chivalric, or knightly fighting is the type of fighting most commonly seen in shows of knights and Vikings, featuring large shield walls, intense one-on-one duels, and everything in between. Heavy fighting provides the largest amount of freedom in weapon type for how you choose to hit someone, from great axes and halberds to the classic sword and shield. However you wish to kill your new friends you can.

No prior experience or equipment is necessary. Please wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. Tie long hair or beards back and bring water. Groin protection is required in order to progress past basic training, regardless of gender.

Time: Sundays 4 – 6 pm

Location: Locations varies between Lot 50 by the Emerging Technologies Building (ETB) right off Polo Road or Bee Creek Park, depending on whether or not there is a football game or other major event on campus. Check the calendar or Discord for details.