All About Events

Howdy! We’re having two more Newcomer Academies, this time all about events. Come learn what events are, what supplies you need, and start coordinating with the rest of the Shire so you can have a fun and relaxing time at our upcoming events!

Sep 15, 2021 06:00 PM
Meeting ID: 922 9476 9018
Passcode: 608915

Oct 13, 2021 06:00 PM
Meeting ID: 917 5951 7103
Passcode: 942012

Newcomer academies and MSC Open House

Welcome all newcomers! We have lots of exciting events coming up. Come meet us at MSC Open House on Simpson Drill Field on September 5th, or come learn about our organization in our Newcomer academies on September 8th and 9th. Check out our calendar for the times and locations. If you can’t make any of those, you can always just show up to one of our activities on the calendar. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Newcomers Academy

We have two newcomer information coming up on February the 2nd and 5th at 6-7 pm. Come learn more about the SCA or just hang out!

Wednesdays link is ID: 917 1524 8375Passcode: 026909  


Fridays link is Description: ID: 992 9483 7753Passcode: 176168  

Requesting help

Howdy y’all! We need guild pictures and blurbs to fill out our new website! If you are willing to write up a description of a guild or activity or have pictures to share please send them to To view the website you can go to this link, feel free to poke around and see how everything works!

Gerold Screivogel, Shadowlands Webminister

Website news!!!!

The website is in the home straight, I’m going to work on cleaning it up some and filling out word blocks on the various pages. I’m going to contact the kingdom webminster on December 28 about getting the websites to switch around so the new website is up when you look for shadowlands.

Website announcement

Good news everyone! The integration for cross posting from the website to discord is now working. I’m working on getting the website to Facebook crossposting set up, and finalize some text info on the webpage. We should be good to go for updating to the new website now!