Arts & Sciences Guilds

A&S Guilds refer to arts and sciences. This includes any sort of crafting, building, performance art, or research. If the activity you want is not listed here, let us know on discord, facebook, or at a Populace meeting, and we will work with you to bring that activity to the Shadowlands.


Ever wanted to attend a real-life ball? Look no further. We learn and practice countless styles of historical dance. No experience is necessary. As long as you know your right from your left, you are welcome to come to join us. Garb is not necessary but is always encouraged. If you are looking for a specific style of dance, let us know and we’ll be happy to teach it! more


Fiber guild is where we get together and create items using fabric or thread. Many of our guild members sew, knit, spin, or weave, but any fabric or thread activity is also welcome! If you would like to create your own garb, this is the place to be. more


Lampworking is a glass technique dating back past the Vikings. It involves heating long rods of glass in a flame to create beads, buttons, sculptures, and more. If you enjoy playing with fire, color, and light, Lampworking Guild can show you how to mix all three. more


A stylized drawing of a half-star half-circle shape with a blue croquet ball, mallet, and four chess pieces on it.

Gaming guild teaches and plays a wide variety of historical games, both active field games and tabletop games from a variety of time periods and locales. If there is a game you want to play or learn to play, this is the guild for you. more


Who doesn’t want to make their own sword? The heat of the forge at your back, the weight of the hammer in your hand, the golden glow of molten metal before you? Metalworking guild can help make your blacksmithing dreams a reality. more


Brewing is one of the oldest known art forms, spanning a diverse range of cultures and eras. Brewing guild can teach you this rich history, all while making your very own delicious drinks. more


Cooking guild is exactly what is sounds like. Come learn to cook all sorts of recipes from all over the world. The best part is, you get to eat it too! more

Foragers & Gardening Guild

Foragers Guild is the place for anyone who imagined themselves on epic journeys across fantasy worlds, discovering brand new species of flora. Here you will learn how to find, harvest, and prepare all sorts of wild plants, as well as propagate and trade plants in our Gardening Guild. more


Bardic in the SCA encompasses nearly all of the performing arts. Singing, storytelling, and poetry recitation are most common, but acting, juggling, instrumental music, and other activities are also included. Every performer needs an audience, so even if you don’t perform you are always welcome at bardic guild. more

Scribal and Illumination

The Scribes and Limners Guild studies and practices the skills and techniques of calligraphy, illumination, and page decoration. Ancillary topics include parchment, ink, and pigment making, and bookbinding. Here you can also learn charter painting, a related service guild which paints pre-drawn charters for the Crown to give with awards. more

Rough Hewn

Rough hewn is a place to craft anything that does not involve fire. We can teach you how to carve bone, build a wooden Viking-style trunk, do stonework, and create wire crafts such as chainmail and Viking wire weaving. more