Open Kingdom and Regional Offices

Last updated 10/22/2021

Applications due ASAP:
Vindheim Minister of Children
Vindheim Chronicler
Central Regional Minister of Arts and Sciences
Southern Regional Minister of Children

Applications due 10/25:
Central Regional Hospitaler

Applications due 10/31:
Kingdom Seneschal
Vindheim Earl Marshal
Zodiacus Herald
Central Regional Seneschal

Applications due 11/30:
Kingdom Siege Marshal

Open Branch Offices

Last updated 7/12/2021

Applications due ASAP:
Skorragardr Herald

Job Descriptions

Updated 7/5/2021

Regional Chronicler

A. Oversight of Local Branch Chroniclers
A regional deputy’s primary responsibility is to ensure that each and every branch in their region that is
required to produce a newsletter is doing so, and is following the rules. Kingdom Law requires provinces
and baronies to have Chroniclers. While other groups (shires, cantons, strongholds, colleges, guilds and
incipient groups) are not required to have a Chronicler, if they do have one, they fall under their
B. Archiving
A regional deputy is required to retain an electronic copy of each local branch newsletter. There is a
Google Drive where these newsletters are to be archived.
In addition, all deputies are required to use the official email accounts for chronicler business.
C. Monitoring of Local Branch Newsletters – Inappropriate Inclusions
The regional deputy must monitor Local newsletters in their region to ensure they do not publish any
material not allowed.
D. Monitoring of Local Branch Newsletters – Required Items
The Regional Deputies monitors Local Branch newsletters in their region to ensure they include the
required materials.
E. Contacting Local Chroniclers if they do not conform to the guidelines in this document.
Such notification should occur in such a timely fashion as to guarantee that the next newsletter is
correct. The Deputy Officers are also responsible for notifying the Kingdom Chronicler immediately upon
receiving notice of problems that are not easily solved, or problems that could endanger the SCA
or the image of the SCA.
F. Timely Reporting to the Kingdom Chronicler
G. Finally, the Deputy Chronicler is responsible for making sure that the local chroniclers maintain
their membership. When the expiration date is a month away, the regional needs to contact the local
with a reminder to submit the new membership card or the confirmation email. By Kingdom Law any
officer is immediately removed if their membership lapses. There is a Warrant Roster shared with the
Regional Chroniclers that has this information.