Seawinds Defenders

Due to the Pandemic we were unable to host Seawinds Defender in 2020 or 2021
Plans are in the works for Seawinds Defender 2022.

SEAWINDS! Here are your Defenders for the coming year!
Chivalric: Philippe le Chanceux
Rapier: Cael McRobb
Archery: Edward du Bois
Bardic: Henri de Garthier
Arts & Sciences: Ebergardis von Zell
Gustatory: Romana De La Garza
Congratulations to all our Defender! Carry the legend of Seawinds far and wide!

Chivalric: Ysfael Bryndu
Rapier: Havaar Ericsson
Archery: John Buchanan
Bardic: Thomas of Tenby
Art & Science: Emma de Davyntre
Gustatory: Edward du Bois
We thank you for your service to Seawinds!