Original Scroll Delivery Policy

Short form: Label clearly, Communicate delivery plan, Deliver into approved hands only.

********The Policy*********
1. All original scrolls being delivered must be in an envelope/covered and labelled clearly with the following information:

To: Sable Scroll/Golden Staff/Star Signet (reach out and confirm who will be there), with the title AND their Name.

From: The Name(s) of you, the Artisan(s)

What’s in It: “Award scroll for X Championship/Event” General description of everything in the folder.

COURIER(S): List anyone whose hand is supposed to be on that envelope between you and the recipient.

2. Star Signet and Sable Scroll must be informed before sending who the Courier is (and that the courier has been told who it must go to). We will be in communication to confirm reciept.

3. The ONLY people who may accept the scroll into hand are the current Sable Scroll (Royal Scribe), Golden Staff (Royal Herald), and Star Signet (Head of College of Scribes).

DO NOT accept kindly offers from others to take it and hand it over later from ‘anyone.’ Do not put it into any other well-meaning hands.


* While this is also a policy applicable to charters, those may also be turned-in/handed to any of the regional scribal officers (Vindheim, Central, and Southern).

* If you are delivering your art yourself, please still only hand the finished product to one of the listed appropriate officers.

This does not mean you cannot show off your work to anyone you wish before, but it will only be considered ‘safely’ recieved when you hand it personally to the appropriate officer.

* This labelling will also help with any temporary misplacement of the envelope (in case of emergencies or accidental ‘safe spaces’). A found labelled envelope can be gotten back to any of the names on the envelope!

* The goal here is to improve communication, and tracking, to avoid losing people’s beautiful work, and if in the advent something is misplaced, it will hopefully be temporary (yes, this has happened, more than once, hence the policy).

* Should an emergency necessitate a deviation from the policy/plan, communication with Star Signet and Sable Scroll is imperative, but we can help make sure that everything turns out!

Questions about the policy may be directed to Star Principal Herald at kingdom@herald.ansteorra.org or myself Star Signet at star-signet@herald.ansteorra.org

Thank you,
HL Lillias MacGuffin
Star Signet