Charter Library

Please keep in mind that the existing Library is not always 100% up to date, though we do our best to update it regularly.
The most recent updates were made May 9, 2024!

Designs are currently grouped by Active Charters, Special Charters, and Retired Charters.

Complete Active Charter List (by code):
: AA-1
Aquila Aurea: AaA-01 * AaA-02
Arc d’Or: ADO-01
Award of Arms:AOA-03 * AOA-04 * AOA-05 * AOA-06 * AOA-09AOA-10 * AOA-12 * AOA-13 AOA-14 * AOA-16 * AoA-17
Blade of Merit: BoM-01 * BoM-02 * BoM-03
Centurion: CSS-01 * CSS-02 * CSS-03
Sable Comet: Comet-02 * Comet-04 
Compass Rose: CR-01 * CR-02 CR-03
Court Barony: CB-01 * CB-02
Sable Crane: Crane-01 * Crane-02 * Crane-04 Crane-05 * Crane-07 * Crane-08
Sable Flur: Flur-01
Golden Bridle: GB-01 * GB-02
Golden Lance: GL-01
Iris of Merit: IM-01 * IM-02 * IM-03 * IM-04 * IM-05 * IM-06
King’s Archer: KA-01 * KA-02 * KA-03 (Recently Renamed Sovereign’s Archer)
King’s Gauntlet: KG-01 * KG-02 (Recently Renamed Sovereign’s Gauntlet)
Lilium Aureum:  LiA-01
Lyra Aurea: LyA-01 * LyA-02
Queen’s Glove: QG-01 * QG-02 * QG-03 (Recently Renamed Consort’s Glove)
Queen’s Rapier: QR-01 (Recently Renamed Consort’s Rapier)
Rising Star: RS-01 * RS-02
Sable Falcon:  SF-02 * SF-03 * SF-04 * SF-05
Star of Merit: SM-01 * SM-02 * SM-03 * SM-04
Sable Sparrow: Sparrow-01
Sable Thistle: ST-01 * ST-02 * ST-03 * ST-04 * ST-08 * ST-10 * ST-11 * ST-12 * ST-14
Sable Talon: Talon-01 * Talon-03
White Scarf: WS-01 * WS-02

 Special Designs for the reign of Her Majesty Nicollet II:
Award of Arms: AoA-18QAoA-19Q
Golden Bridle – GB-03Q
Iris of Merit – IM-07Q
Rising Star – RS-03Q
Sable Crane: Crane-09Q
Sable Comet – Comet-07Q
Sable Falcon – SF-06Q
Sable Flur- Flur-02Q
Sable Sparrow: Sparrow-02Q
Sable Talon – Talon-04QTalon-05Q
Sable Thistle: ST-15QST-16Q
Sovereign’s Archer – SA-01Q
Star of Merit – SM-05Q

Retired Charters:
Award of Arms: AoA-01AoA-02 * AoA-07 * AOA-08 * AOA-11 * AOA-15
Sable Comet:  Comet-01 * Comet-03 * Comet-05 * Comet-06
Sable Crane: Crane-03 * Crane-06
Sable Falcon: SF-01
Golden Lance: GL-02
Grant of Arms: GOA-01
Sable Thistle: ST-05ST-06 * ST-07 * ST-09 * ST-13