Ansteorran Award Scroll Text Size Standards

This list is derived from the Official Award Texts of the Kingdom of Ansteorra Scroll text sizes are to include the calligraphy text, the artwork illumination and a border space between .5 and 1.5 inches; all within the designated scroll size. Ansteorran Award scroll text sizes are set for the finished scroll to fit regular, preset frame sizes; without requiring a custom frame.

Ansteorran Award Scroll Text Sizes:

Scroll TypeSize
Prize Scrolls for Ceremonial Honors8.5 x 11 (recommended)
Non-Armigerous Awards8.5 x 11
Armigerous Awards, AoA Level9 x 12
Order of the Rose8.5 x 11 (recommended)
Grant Level Awards11 x 14
Court Barony11 x 14
Peerage16 x 20 (recommended)
Barony in Fief18 x 24 (recommended)
Royalty (County, Duchy)16 x 20 (recommended*)
Recommended – the scroll can be smaller than the recommended size, but no larger.

Ansteorran Award Achievement Scroll Sizes:

Armigerous Awards, AoA Level11 x 14
Grant Level Awards16 x 20
Court Barony16 x 20
Peerage Awards18 x 24
Royalty (County, Duchy)18 x 24

Created by: Hillary Rose Greenslade Created on: 10/25/2006

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