Rosenfeld Roll (Alphabetical)

Shire of Rosenfeld device

Or, semy of roses gules a laurel wreath azure

Shire of Rosenfeld Populace Badge

Or semy of roses gules, a base azure

Shire of Rosenfeld Populace Badge (Alternate)

(Fieldless) On a rose gules barbed azure a fret Or

Aidan McRae

Per chevron azure and gules, a pavilion and a base rayonny Or

Aine Starsdotter

Azure mullety, a domestic cat couchant guardant, on a chief wavy argent three sets each of a feather inverted and an artist’s brush in saltire purpure

Brigiða Jónsdóttir

No registered Heraldry

Calanna de Nero Rosa

Called Calena

Gules, on a bend cotised Or three roses sable barbed gules

Caterina Bella Rosso

Argent, a griffin contourny sable, on a chief indented gules three roses Or

Delphina de Champeaux

Argent, an escarbuncle within an orle purpure

Elena de Torre Solitario

No registered Heraldry

Elizabetha de Picardia

Vert, a pig-snouted psaltery between three musical notes Or

Emma Farewyll

Per chevron inverted vert and gules, a cross bottony and two owls addorsed Or

Euon of Rosenfeld

No registered Heraldry

Frederick von Dresen

Azure, two scarpes between three mullets of four points and a crescent Or

Gird Truthsayer

No registered Heraldry

Grimver Longtooth

Quarterly sable and Or, in pale an arrow fesswise and a flame counterchanged

Isolda Swonild

Per pale argent and sable, two swans naiant respectant, wings elevated, conjoined at the beaks and breasts counterchanged

Jaquelinne de la Riviere

Argent, three water bougets azure

Johann Klaus von Heildelberg

No registered Heraldry

Julia de Montoya

Azure, two scarpes between three mullets of four points and a tower Or

Livia da Nicolosi

Per chevron Or and azure, two pomegranates gules slipped and leaved vert and issuant from base a demi-sun Or

Maria dei Benci

No registered Heraldry

Maximus of Rosenfeld

No registered Heraldry

Petruccio Alfonso Maria Cuccieri de Cataluna

Gules estencelé, an tree eradicated argent

Phillip of Rosenfeld

No registered Heraldry

Rhiannon ferch Cian

Azure, on a escallop inverted argent, a spider azure, all within a bordure engrailed argent

Ronna Rosgaile Soilean Soilleir

No registered Heraldry

Sarah di Rimini

No registered Heraldry

Tomas Tostason

Per fess sable and argent, an open book argent and a raven sable charged on the wing with a Tau cross Or

Tostig Logiosophia

Argent, a tau cross and on a chief azure two open books argent

Valka Siggudottir

Lozengy vert and Or, a pile throughout sable

Rosenfeld Roll (Our Fallen Heroes)

Countess Anora Frayne of Winward

Mistress Dyan du Lac

Lord Harald One Eye

Duke Jean Richard Malcolmson

Lani of Rosenfeld

No registered Heraldry

Lord Randwulf the Hermit

Lord Soren Redhammer

No registered Heraldry