The Crown of Ansteorra

Their Stellar Majesties This page gives information on the currently residing King and Queen of our kingdom.
Their Stellar Highnesses This page gives information on the currently residing Prince and Princess of our kingdom.

The Greater Officers of State

Kingdom Seneschal The officer serving as “president” who acts as the group administrator and legal representative of the kingdom.
Star Principal Herald The officer who helps manage kingdom and Crown heraldic needs.
Kingdom Earl Marshal The officer who is responsible for martial activities in the kingdom, including armored combat, rapier combat, siege weapons, combat archery, target archery, thrown weapons, and equestrian activities.
Kingdom Hospitaler The officer who helps new members learn about the SCA.
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences The officer responsible for fostering the study of period culture and technology, and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances within the kingdom.
Kingdom Exchequer The officer who administers the finances of the kingdom.
Kingdom Chronicler The officer who oversees non-electronic publishing in the kingdom.
Kingdom Webminister The officer who oversees electronic publishing in the kingdom.