Appointed by the King and Queen to uphold Crown law, the Baron and Baroness serve as the voice of the crown, and administer the lands of Northkeep in fief.

Northkeep is currently seeking our next Baron / Baroness. The process, from our Northern Regional Seneschal:

February 22, 2021 – Letters of Intent
Letters of Intent must be emailed to the Crown, Kingdom Seneschal, and Baronial Chronicler no later than this date. A courtesy copy to Their Excellencies would be appreciated.
March 2021 – Publication
Letters of Intent will be published in Nordic Saga, along with a simple polling ballot
March 29 – Populace
Candidates for the baronial seat will be permitted to give 2 minute speeches at populace.  The 2 minutes is per candidate/candidate couple.
March 30 – April 6, 2021 – Polling
Polling for those interested via Kingdom Seneschal.  Polling will take place virtually as a Google Form.
At Their Majesties’ Discretion (April) – Interviews
Candidate interviews will take place virtually with the Crown
May 1, 2021 – Announcement
Their Majesties will announce the next Landed Nobility of Northkeep at the virtual Namron Beltane event.
June 2021 – Castellan
Their Majesties will invest the new Landed Nobility of Northkeep at Castellan, in-person or virtually
HL Rebekah Aleyn
Northern Regional Seneschal (Incoming)

There are a few ground rules for this process:

– First, there should be no discussion of candidates on Baronial email lists, forums, or social media sites. Updates to and questions about the polling process, of course, are permitted, but discussion about candidates and platforms, etc. are prohibited. This applies to ALL (not just the candidates) and is to encourage a clean and friendly selection process.

– Second, all polling will be held in confidence. How people vote will NOT be disclosed. No candidates will see the results of the polling, either numbers or individual submissions.

– Third, members and non-members will be allowed to poll.

Please send your Letters of Intent to the Crown, the Kingdom Seneschal, and the Baronial Chronicler.  A courtesy copy to Their Excellencies would be appreciated.

Feel free to contact the Regional or Kingdom Seneschal if you have any questions.

Beth Sanborn
Email: Baroness