Email: Baroness
Emergency Replacement Deputy
Emmalina de Meadelande
Brena Meadows-Thrash

HL Toinette de Cambrai
Patti McCullough
Email: Exchequer

Deputy Exchequer
Her Excellency, Jutte von dem Burg
Judy Griffith

Open for applications
Email: Herald

Lady Emmalina de Meadelande
Brena Meadows-Thrash
Email: MOAS
Deputy Arts & Sciences Minister
Grimbjorn Sigmundsson
Ben Goodwin

Patrice Snitz
Email: Hospitaler
Open for applications

Deputy Hospitaler
Lady Milohkna of Northkeep

Lady Valeria Nimera
Marlo Hudson
Email: Historian

Lady Muirenn Nia Ingen Nath-I
Sarah Adsit
Email: MoC

Open for applications

Social Media Deputy
Open for Applications

Lord Raulff Smeithberde
Jordan Smith

Deputy Knight Marshal
Open for applications

Lady Elena Zekel Miklósne
Cathy Powell
Email: Rapier Marshal

Deputy Rapier Marshal
Open for applications

Centurion Skeggi berbeinn Sebbason ins sterka
Ben Thrash
 Email: Missile Marshal

Deputy Archery Marshal
Lord Raulff Smeithberde
Jordan Smith

Co-Deputy Archery Marshal
Lady Órlaith inghean Uí hUallacháin
Lori Smith

Open for applications

Email: Butler

Captain of the Baronial Guard
His Excellency, Don Facon du Pray

*All applications must be completed online, then the Officer Application Coordinator will email copies to all relevant Parties. The application link is available here.