His Excellency, Master Beorhtlic Folcwinesone
Mark Whitney
Email: Baron
Her Excellency, Mistress Elisaveta Af Isafjord
Beth Sanborn
Email: Baroness

Lady Jehanna de Montauban
Joanna Morton
Email: Seneschal

Her Excellency, Mistress Adalia VonderBerg
Emily Gurnee
Email: Reeve

Lord Thomas de Groet
David Stewart
Email: Herald

Lord Lauren Augusten
Loren Shepard
Email: MOAS

Nalka Um Al-Jafna
Nicole Eastwood
Email: Hospitaler

Email: Chronicler
Office vacant and open for applications.
Applications close March 1, 2019.

Lady Gemma Metellus
Marlo Hudson
Email: Historian

Rwsa Georgette
Rene Shepard
Email: MoC

Uallach Inghean Ui Dhubhshlaine
Stephanie Rogers
Email: Webminister
Social Media Deputy
Koke Gan
Jorje Axline

Lord Skeggi Berbeinn
Ben-Jamin Thrash

Email: Knight Marshal

Rapier Marshal
Lord Redulf von Kol
R. Cole Martin
Office open for applications.
Applications close March 1, 2019.

Archery Marshal
Boyar Gavriil Ivanovich 
EJ Metzger
 Email: Missile Marshal
Deputy Archery Marshal
Lord Ludewicus von Lichtenstein
Andrew Lechner

Lord William O’Harra 
William Snider
Youth Combat Deputy
Aideen of Chemin Noir 
Michael Teel

Lord Wulfgard Martel
Tim Drost
Email: Butler

Captain of the Baronial Guard
Lord Ottokar Luther von Holstein
John Shearhart

*All applications must be electronically submitted to the Northern Region officer in that discipline, to the current local office holder (if any), and to the Baronial Seneschal. Courtesy copies of your application should also be sent to Their Excellencies, the Baron and Baroness.