Beth Sanborn
Email: Baroness

Matthew Phillip Gilliland
Email: Seneschal
Emergency Replacement Deputy

Lord Edward de Lacy
Ed Haskell
Email: Exchequer

Deputy Exchequer
Her Excellency, Jutte von dem Burg
Judy Griffith

Lord Míchall Morrison
Email: Herald

Lady Kata Timpkin
Email: MOAS

Teresa Eddington
Email: Hospitaler

Lady Tangwystl
Nicole Gray
Email: Chronicler

Lady Valeria Nimera
Marlo Hudson
Email: Historian

Stephanie Rogers
Email: Webminister
Social Media Deputy
Jorje Axline

Deputy Knight Marshal

Lord Seamus MacGregor
Joseph Kinnison
Email: Rapier Marshal

Deputy Rapier Marshal
Lord Jean Beauchamp
JB Johnson

Sierra Mist Eveland
 Email: Missile Marshal
Deputy Archery Marshal

Lady Thorvi Mishova 
Meesh Marion
 Email: Youth Combat Marshal

Email: Butler

Captain of the Baronial Guard
Lord Ottokar Luther von Holstein
John Shearhart

*All applications must be electronically submitted to the Northern Region officer in that discipline, to the current local office holder (if any), and to the Baronial Seneschal. Courtesy copies of your application should also be sent to Their Excellencies, the Baron and Baroness.