The Shire of Northkeep was begun in 1975 when its first original member, Lady Agnes de Saint Michel, first moved to this area.  The first newcomers’ meetings began a year after that.  In 1977, the group began to seek its identity as Nord-aus-das Strom, although the name Northkeep was finally passed by the College of Heralds in 1984.

As the shire developed, it had the usual growing pains and differences of opinions that occur in many young social groups.  Eventually these passed, and the heat of those earlier fires strengthened the group and tempered its character as the Best Shire it could possibly be.

In November 1996, the Shire of Northkeep vanished and was replaced by the Barony of Northkeep. Today Northkeep continues striving to be the best Barony in the Known World.