Baronial Awards 

The Barony currently has one armigerous service award:
The Order of the Lion’s Paw of Kenmare
The Order of the Lion’s Paw of Kenmare (more generally called the Kenmare) is an armigerous service award, named for Kendra Kenmare, a woman who served the shire during its developing years and served as an example of what a member of the group could be, until her death in 1995. This is a polling award.

The tradition has developed in Northkeep that each Baron and Baroness have their own non-armigerous service award that is closed when they step down.
 The Cornerstone – Created by Thorgrim Bjornson and Sigen Fridreksdottir
The Crimson Star – Created by Ainar Magnusson and Ana Maria de Mercedes de Cerdanya
The Caisteal Cridhe – Created by Ian Dun Gillan and Kelandra Carmichael
L’Esprit de la Tour Noire – Created by Facon du Pray and Keigan of Ravensfaire
The Beacon of Northkeep – Created by Morgan and Montega Blackdragon
The Merlon – Created by Beorhtlic Folcwineson and Elisaveta af Isafjord
Le Bâtisseur (“the Builder”) – created by Perrin de Beaujeu and Jehanne de Montauban

Northkeep has several Baronial non‐armigerous awards.
The Sable Fox – Given to our smallest members who offer service, love, and loyalty to the Barony or Cantons.
The Golden Bear – Given to youth who have offered outstanding service to the Barony or Cantons.
• Esprit de la Tour Noir – Given to those who regularly participate in and enjoy the following: Missile Weapons, Arts & Sciences, Chivalric Combat, or Rapier Combat. You could conceivably receive an Esprit in each of these areas.
Le Bâtisseur – Given to those who serve the barony, giving us your time and effort.
The Dunstana– Announced at Castellan 2018, to be given only once per Baronial investiture, to individuals “who serve as an example and inspire those around them to be better than we think we are.”
If you have seen great acts of skill, service, or other noteworthy actions by a member of the populace of Northkeep, Chemin Noir, or Wyldewode please click here to fill out the form!

Principality Awards

Aside from Baronial Awards, Kingdom Awards are also available to members. Before recommending a member for a kingdom award, check to see if they already have it by using the Ansteorra Online Order of Precedence.
Names and descriptions of all the Kingdom Awards may be found on the Kingdom Honors page.
If you are wanting to recommend someone for a kingdom award, use the Kingdom Award Form.