Regular Activities

The Barony of Namron regularly holds practices and meetings.  Unfortunately, many of these activities are currently suspended or only held virtually due to the pandemic.  For more information check out the links below:


  • Populace: Held on the first Thursday of each month. Currently held as virtual meetings. Please check Facebook or the email list for details each month.
  • Business: Held on the third Thursday of each month. Currently held as virtual meetings. Please check Facebook or the email list for details each month.
  • Financial Committee: Scheduled as needed.


  • Armored Combat: One of the most well-known and widely-enjoyed activities in the SCA is armored combat. Our warriors participate in tournaments for individuals and teams, tactical melees involving dozens of combatants, and even large-scale wars with thousands of participants! Unlike reenactments of battles from history, our combat activities are unchoreographed and the outcome is entirely based on the skill and training of the combatants involved.
  • Rapier (Fencing):  Rapier combat in the Society attempts to recreate styles of sword fighting from the later part of the Middle Ages, often based on manuals and theories of combat that have survived to this day. Rapier combat uses a foundation of style and finesse that has since evolved into the modern sport of fencing. Unlike the modern sport, our combat uses a wide variety of weapons and body protection and our combat takes place with freedom of movement in any direction. Rapier combat can be found in both tournaments of individual and team combatants and in larger melees and wars!
  • Target Archery:  In order to be as true to times as possible we try to use materials and methods available to period archers. This includes a focus on natural materials such as wood and feathers in our bows and arrows. Some modern types of equipment like compound bows, are not allowed in our archery activities to keep the playing field more level and medieval. Here is a video demonstration.
  • Thrown Weapons:  We also recreate additional target thrown weapons styles. At many Society events, you can find opportunities to try throwing common medieval weapons such as axes, knives, and spears, all in a safe, monitored environment. Here is a video demonstration.
  • Youth Armored Combat:  Similar to our adult armored combat, youth armored combat is focused on recreating the Medieval Tournament by teaching both honor and skill.  There are several divisions based on age and ability. 
  • Youth Rapier (Fencing):  Youth rapier combat mirrors the adult rapier combat by recreating the medieval duel.  Youth rapier is also broken down by age and ability.  


  • Monthly Arts and Sciences Classes:  Crafting is one of the most common activities in the Society! Our artisans study and create works from nearly every type of craft from the Middle Ages. Collectively, we call the study of the various production, research, and performing crafts, “arts and sciences.”  At many Society events, you will be able to watch artisans recreating these crafts and often take classes and workshops where you can learn to do them yourself. Some of our events are entirely dedicated to demonstrating and learning medieval crafts.  Our monthly classes aim to teach a variety of different skills. 


  • Open Arts and Sciences Gatherings:  This is a less formal gathering of artisans that participate in various arts and sciences without the class structure.
  • Firestorm Ink Scribal Arts:  The scribal arts are a common facet of Society life, since most awards and honors given to recognize service and skill are accompanied by handcrafted scrolls which document and celebrate the honor. Scribes also use these artistic techniques to memorialize the history of our Society, to beautify documents and manuscripts for Society use, and more!

For questions or more information, please reach out to Señora Antonia de la Fuente, our Barony’s Hospitaler (officer in charge of recruitment and retention), at