Greeting unto Their Majesties Vladislav and Margaret and the Populace of the Barony of Namron.

We, Micolay and Uliana Haiduk, wish to declare our intent to be considered as candidates to serve Namron as Baron and Baroness.  

Namron has been our home for the last six years.  This has been the place where we grew in the SCA.  While here, Micolay has served the Barony as Webminister, Knight Marshal, and Regional Knight Marshal, and Uliana has served as the Seneschal.  We have both been honored to receive the Torsade of Namron and to join the Order of the Heart of the Sable Storm.  We have been event stewards for several local and kingdom level events.  

Micolay is an active chivalric fighter, having been recognized as a Knight of the Society and Centurion of the Sable Star and he has been awarded the Asha Rosa and Sable Talon.  He has had the honor of serving as Skorragardr’s Axeman and is currently serving as the Protector of Namron.  He is also a burgeoning rapier and cut-and-thrust fighter as well as a woodworker, metalworker and seamstress.  

Uliana enjoys participating in the SCA through service. She has been recognized with the Sable Crane of Ansteorra as well as four Golden Stars of Ansteorra. She has served as largess coordinator for two reigns and enjoys working gate, helping with events, and mentoring people new to a position or activity. Julia also dabbles in the arts and sciences where she does garb making and other sewing, block printing, and jewelry making and is excited to (attempt to) learn calligraphy and lampworking. Uliana is also a holder of the Argent Fleur of Namron and a Sable Thistle.

Our Barony has recently grown with new members, many of whom have become active and involved.  We believe the best way to retain these newcomers in our Society is to help them become part of the Namron community.  We have been fortunate to feel that Namron is our home and we wish to continue to see that feeling of community grow among the populace.  We wish to find a closer suitable site for Protectorate that would help us make the event more accessible to people within these lands, allowing all to feel included.  We can grow that sense of community by working on group projects such as the continued baronial beautification or running an event for the new Principality or Kingdom.  We would like to see our group come together more to socialize, whether it be at populace meetings, marshal practices, open arts and sciences nights, scribal meetings or coordinated activities like movie nights or meeting for dinner.  

We would like to continue to grow communications within all parts of our Barony including the Canton of Skorragardr and the Outpost of Oak Spring.  We wish to ensure that all the voices in the Barony are heard and understood.  Communication is critical to guaranteeing that all members of the Barony are recognized for their achievements and that their concerns are addressed.

We understand the commitment of time and energy that this position entails and are excited to work towards supporting our Barony.  Rest assured, if other candidates are selected, we will still bring our focus to continuing the success of the Dream in Namron.

Yours in Service,

Sir Micolay Haiduk and Lady Uliana Haiduk

MKA: Brendan Haiduk


MKA: Julia Haiduk