Letter of Intent from Señor Lorenzo Martín y Señora Antonia de la fuente, Lord and Lady of Ansteorra
Unto Their Stellar Majesties Vladislav Strelec and Margaret ny Connor, King and Queen of Ansteorra; Master Ainar Magnusson, Kingdom Seneschal; and the populace of the Barony of Namron and the Canton of Skorragarðr do we, Señor Lorenzo Martín y Señora Antonia de la fuente, send our greetings and hope that this day finds you well. Please accept the following as our official letter of intent to be considered for Barón and Baronesa of The Barony of Namron and Lord and Lady of The Canton of Skorragarðr.
As Baron and Baroness of Namron we would focus on growth and retention of the barony membership by encouraging newer member to pair with veteran members who can guide them into positions of growth. We would seek to strengthen the Canton of Skorragarðr and the unofficial Outpost of Oak Spring by encouraging them to bid on kingdom events with the full support of the barony. We would also seek to increase the word fame of our members throughout the Kingdom of Ansteorra by regularly traveling with and encouraging contingents of our populace when they seek to participate in events throughout the kingdom.
As proud Ansteorrans, we have long sought to provide service to this great kingdom in which ever capacities were needed. We have been stewards of many events including baronial, canton, and local demos. We have regularly served in officer and deputy officer positions both in the Barony of Namron and the Canton of Skorragarðr. We have both served on the field of battle taking on positions of rapier fighter, combat archer, archers, and siege operator and we have competed in events across the Northern region, and occasionally are fortunate enough to serve as champions.
Mundanely, our education is in behavioral science and counseling. We were compelled to leave our pursuits within the Society for Creative Anachronism so that we could fulfill our non-society goals in Masters of Counseling. This education will provide us with many useful skills that are critical in the successful leadership of the populace of The Barony of Namron and The Canton of Skorragarðr. Some of the skills that we have mastered are conflict resolution, group dynamics, actively listening, and problem solving.
Your Majesties, we will respect and proudly serve the kingdom with whomever you chose to next lead this great barony. However, we will happily serve with honor if we are chosen.
Yours in Service;
Señor Lorenzo Martín y Señora Antonia de la Fuente Lord and Lady of Ansteorra
Senõr Lorenzo Martin
Jim Couch

Senõra Antonia de la fuente
Jennifer Couch