Thrown Weapons Marshal


  • Honorable Lord Captain Savage
  • Morgan Goodrich
  • Leonardo Valori
  • Aillenn Bean Ui Maille

About Thrown Weapons

The use of Thrown Weapons started in the stone age. Archaeological evidence indicates that Neanderthals employed a wooden spear as a thrusting weapon, while Cro-Magnons used the spear for throwing at both human and animal targets. From these primitive beginnings, weapons and styles evolved into a variety of forms. The primary ones that we use in the SCA are the knife, axe, and spear.

Most events have Thrown Weapons competitions for both adults and children; many have open throwing times as well. Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of skill level.

How to Participate

Thrown Weapons practice is currently held from 12-2 Sundays (weather dependent) at our practice range on the property of Sir Eadwulf Terricsson and Mistress Kyna Terricsdottir at 4200 E Franklin Rd Norman, OK 73026. Practice times may vary by season. Practice is not held if there is a conflicting event, if the weather does not allow, or if no marshals are available to run it. Check the Facebook group or email list for announcements each week.

Loaner gear is available at practice. If you bring your own knives, axes, or spears, they must be inspected by a Marshal for safety before use.

Children over the age of 6 are welcome to throw at both practices and (most) events, but must have a parent or guardian present and supervising.

  • Practice cancellations will usually happen within 24 hours before practice.
  • There is no bathroom available at this practice.
  • You must wear close toed shoes.
  • The Barony can not currently provide water.
  • No masks are require for this outdoor activity at this time.
  • Youth are allowed on this range at this time (at the Marshal’s discretion, as always).


  • Local Thrown Weapons Authorizing Marshals
    • Ryan Savage- Barony of Namron
    • Vincenti da Murano- Barony of Namron

Laws, Handbooks, and Policies

Forms and Reporting

Thrown Weapons Marshal Applicant Information

Please review the Thrown Weapons Reference Guide prior to applying.

Applications may be completed using this online form. The “Position Being Applied For” field must be “Barony of Namron Target Archery Marshal.” Email addresses to receive copies are:

Proof of membership (Family or Sustaining) must be submitted to the Local Seneschal, Deputy Kingdom Missile Marshal- Thrown Weapons, and Kingdom Officer Applications Coordinator.

If you are unable to use the online form, a paper version is available for download. The submission requirements are the same.