Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Complaint Resolution

Laws, Handbooks, and Policies

Forms and Reporting

Information Sheets and Training Documents

Unlocking the Seneschalate: Tips Sheets for New Seneschals

(Some information may be specific to the Barony of Namron)

Barony of Namron Officer Reference Guides

Media Inquiries

All media requests must be submitted to the Office of the Seneschal. Please contact Kara Hoyle by email or by telephone (405) 561-1153 for assistance.

SCA Media Kit

Seneschal Applicant Information

Please review the Seneschal Reference Guide prior to applying.

Applications may be completed using this online form. The “Position Being Applied For” field must be “Barony of Namron Seneschal.” Email addresses to receive copies are:

Proof of membership (Family or Sustaining) must be submitted to the Local Seneschal, Northern Regional Seneschal, and Kingdom Officer Applications Coordinator.

If you are unable to use the online form, a paper version is available for download. The submission requirements are the same.