Minister of Children


  • Open for applications

About the Minister of Children

We love seeing our younger members learn about history through hands-on activities. The Minister of Children coordinates classes, games, and other learning opportunities with the support and assistance of our populace. Our Minsters of Children and their deputies undergo background checks prior to overseeing youth activities.

How to Participate

Volunteer to teach a skill! Contact the Minister of Children (MOC) for more details. We always have a minimum of two adults present during MOC activities, so you’ll never be left to hold down the fort alone!

The Youth and Family Achievement Program has numerous activities that your child can complete at home with you.

Laws, Handbooks, and Policies

Forms and Reporting

Minister of Children Applicant Information

Please review the Minister of Children Reference Guide prior to applying.

Applications may be completed using this online form. The “Position Being Applied For” field must be “Barony of Namron Minister of Children.” Email addresses to receive copies are:

Proof of membership (Family or Sustaining) must be submitted to the Local Seneschal, Kingdom MOC, and Kingdom Officer Applications Coordinator.

If you are unable to use the online form, a paper version is available for download. The submission requirements are the same.

A background check must be completed. Instructions are available on the Kingdom of Ansteorra website, at the following link: