Baron & Baroness Candidates

Good Gentles of Namron,

The time has come to meet the candidates who want to be your next Baron and Baroness. Those candidates are (in no particular order):

Lord Dairmuid map Brain (Jer Metz) &
HL Villana Palazolo (Kayleigh Metz)

Lord Yancy Álffson (Yancy Hoyle) &
Frú Kolfinna Egilsdóttir (Kara Hoyle)

Below, you will find a one page letter of intent from each set of candidates.

At the July 7th populace meeting, each set of candidates will be permitted to have 2 minutes to address the Populace. The 2 minutes is per candidate couple. After they have addressed the populace, each couple will have the opportunity to answer pre submitted questions that will be presented to them by me. Both couples will have the opportunity to answer the same question. I will accept questions from the Populace until July 5th. Questions can be submitted via email ( The submitter will remain anonymous to everyone but myself. There will be ABSOLUTELY no questions taken from those in attendance at the meeting.

Polling will go live immediately after the meeting via social media, email, and if requested, paper ballot (I will have some at the meeting). Polling closes at midnight on July 14th.

Should you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact me.

In Service,

HL Rebekah Aleyn, CSM
Seneschal, Vindheim

Greetings unto the Great Populace of Namron, Dairmuid map Brain and Villana Palazolo present themselves to you as candidates for the next Baron and Baroness of Namron. Villana has resided in the Barony for the past 9 years and Dairmuid for the past 8 years.

Dairmuid and I have both had extensive leadership backgrounds through jobs and the BSA. We have also served in various positions for our Barony, Principality, and Kingdom. These varying roles have given us perspective for the diverse activities the Populace participates in. Through our SCA experiences and mundane jobs, we have learned how to be better communicators and how to handle conflict and find a balanced resolution.

There are many ways we want to give support and service to our Barony if given the opportunity to be Baron and Baroness.
Some of these goals include:

  • Encouraging recruitment and retention
  • Use of Social Media to promote and spread the knowledge of the members of the populace
  • Supporting all of the communities within the Barony – Canton of Skorragardr, the Outpost of Oakspring, Marshallate, Arts and Sciences, Youth
  • Encouraging and supporting the youth of the Barony in any of their endeavors
  • Trying to implement a Mentor Program for both Youth and Newcomers to connect them with members of our populace whose vast knowledge can be shared

Namron is the Barony of the Storm. Its members are like the Storms that come rolling through the Barony in the spring. While it takes all the right conditions to make a Storm possible, it takes the right combination of people to make the Barony come together. Storms have an amazing power and create some of the most beautiful sights. Our Populace is the same – all powerful in their own right and endeavors, all the while creating a beautiful tapestry that represents our great Barony. That is the true power of the Barony of the Storm – within its people. To this end, we know that this is not about us. We know that this is about the Barony of Namron and its populace.

We have seen the way that the previous Barons and Baronesses have sat over the populace – with grace, understanding, support, with open arms, and never believing they are above the same work they ask of their populace. We would strive to follow in the footsteps of these great examples if we are given the opportunity.

Yours in Service,

Unto Their Excellencies, Micolay Haiduk and Uliana Haiduk, Baron and Baronowa of Namron,
Lord and Lady of Skorragardr, Wardens of the Outpost of Oak Spring; to the Esteemed
Seneschal, Mistress Kyna Terricsdottir; and to the Good Gentles of the Storm: we send Fond
Greetings! With these words, we officially and humbly declare our desire and intent to be
considered as the next Territorial Nobility of the Barony of Namron. This charge is one we
consider with utmost seriousness and commitment.

Our qualifications to fill this role are substantial. In modern terms, we both hold Bachelor of
Science degrees in Business Management, and Lord Yancy is currently pursuing his Master’s
degree in the same. He brings decades of professional leadership and business sales
management experience, while Kolfinna has extensive experience with leadership training,
recruitment & retention, and volunteer management experience in private, public, and military

In SCA terms, we have been extremely active since joining in April 2016, holding officer
positions, providing largesse, teaching classes, stewarding events, mentoring newcomers and
experienced members alike, as well as getting our hands dirty with workdays, cooking, setup
and tear-down, and more. Kolfinna’s strengths lead her to the administrative side of the SCA
and Yancy’s strengths have him involved in more “boots on the ground” endeavors. This
combination positions us well to be highly effective from the beginning in a wide range of
responsibility and influence.

We hesitate to make lofty long-term goals, as we have learned in recent years that fluidity and
responsiveness to change are vital to the health of our local groups and our Society as a whole.
However, a few key areas would be the focus of our Baronage:

Accessibility: To continue, and build upon, the work of our predecessors in providing a
welcoming and accessible experience for everyone, from the first-time attendees to the veteran
members of many decades. Growth: To re-invigorate and grow our Populace as we move
forward from The Pandemic. Support: To support and encourage our officers and Canton by
coordinating additional training, actively participating in meetings and liaising with Principality
and Kingdom officers to ensure the best opportunities for our people. Communication: To
promote and provide frequent, transparent communication with the Crown, Coronet, and

We will fervently endeavor to lead, inspire, and mentor our populace to provide a fun and
engaging Baronage, always mindful of the Will and Well-Being of the populace, while keeping
our feet in the past and our eyes on the future.

Ever in Service,
Lord Yancy Álffson, Order of the Wellspring
Frú Kolfinna Egilsdóttir, Order of the Heart of the Sable Storm