Landed Nobility

“Landed” Nobility are individuals who hold certain lands in fief to the Crown, swear fealty to the Crown, serve as local representatives of the Crown, and advise the Crown of the will of the local Populace. While the majority of Landed Nobility has been a married Baron/Baroness combination, there is no stricture against any pairing combination, and in some cases, a single individual has served alone.

A Word from Their Excellencies Micolay and Uliana


We wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are Baron Micolay and Baronowa Uliana. We both strive to portray a 10th-century Kievan Rus persona. Namron has been our home for the last six years.  This has been the place where we grew in the SCA.  We have held several officer positions and helped run several events.

Micolay is a Knight of the Society, and active in the Armored Combat community.  He is also a burgeoning Rapier and Cut-and-Thrust fighter as well as a woodworker, metalworker and costumer.

Uliana enjoys participating in the SCA through service and exploring the arts and sciences. Alice is a semi-recent addition to our family and we look forward to her experiencing the SCA we have come to know and love.

We are honored to have been selected as Baron and Baronowa of Namron. We look forward to working with the populace to maintain and even grow the sense of community. Please feel free to reach out to us with any ideas or concerns you have regarding the group.

Yours in Service,
Baron Micolay and Baronowa Uliana (and Alice)

What Does “Baronowa” Mean?

The “w” is pronounced as the English “v” sound. So, “Baronova,” if you will. In the SCA, it is common for gentles to select an alternate title from their persona’s native tongue. There is no special process for using an alternate title; just research the one that fits for you, and use it! Learn more about titles and awards here.

Activities of the Baron and Baronowa

Their Excellencies Micolay and Uliana place the well-being of the Populace above all else, and strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive family environment. They have many responsibilities to both the local Populace and the Crown. A few that they really enjoy include:

  • Holding court at events is exciting because it is the time that the Baron and Baronowa use to announce Champions, present awards, and discuss the day’s activities.
  • In the Barony of Namron, the Baron and Baronowa lead our Monthly Populace Meeting. This provides an opportunity for them to request “Word Fame” (acknowledgements of day-to-day accomplishments), and to share news with the Populace.
  • Distributing “largesse.” This is an ages-old custom of presenting tokens of appreciation, essentially, sharing the wealth of the land. Baroness Uliana is well-known for creating and soliciting small treasures to share.

They also serve as members of the Financial Committee (with a single shared vote); support the Officers of the Barony; listen to the needs, desires, and concerns of the Populace; and coordinate special activities, such as workdays.

Our Champions

We are honored to select Champions from the many areas of expertise demonstrated during our tournaments. These champions represent our Barony with honor, courage, and skill.

Click here to view lists of present and past Champions of Namron.

Past Barons and Baronesses of Namron

We are privileged to follow in the footsteps of the previous Barons and Baronesses of Namron.

Click here to view the list of past Barons and Baronesses of Namron.

Serving as Landed Nobility

Our Landed Nobility serves for several years. When it is time to resign the duties of their position (a personal decision, not a regulated one), an official announcement is made. New candidates apply and submit a letter of intent to the Crown for review. A polling (vote) of the Populace occurs, to provide additional information to the Crown regarding the will of the Populace. The Crown then schedules in-person interviews with all candidates, and soon after, a selection is announced.

Accepting this position is a serious commitment, and if you are considering it for the future, it is wise to seek counsel from those who have gone before. A very brief description of the responsibilities of the position follows, but is a broad description that belies the full experience.

Responsibilities of the Baron/Baroness

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Ansteorran Kingdom Law, Section 3: Nobility