Landed Nobility

“Landed” Nobility are individuals who hold certain lands in fief to the Crown, swear fealty to the Crown, serve as local representatives of the Crown, and advise the Crown of the will of the local Populace. While the majority of Landed Nobility has been a married Baron/Baroness combination, there is no stricture against any pairing combination, and in some cases, a single individual has served alone.

A Word from Their Excellencies Emma and Isabella

Greetings and a warm welcome to the realm of the Barony of Namron!

In our enchanting haven, we embrace individuals from all walks of life – from experienced warriors with rich stories, to newcomers discovering the magic of the SCA for the first time, and even those who are simply curious about our realm. We extend a sincere invitation to each and every one of you.

With great enthusiasm, we kindly request your participation in the numerous engaging activities, meetings, and events that will captivate your interest and leave you fascinated. In the SCA, we weave together historical threads, creating a timeless tapestry of wonder and education. Our commitment to thorough research and accurate historical re-creation shines brightly in every aspect of our existence.

As Baroness Emma O’Ruairc and Baronessa Isabella Coppola, we are honored to lead the Barony of Namron as Landed Nobility, bearing the responsibility of upholding the decrees of the Crown of the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the Coronet of the Principality of Vindheim, and ensuring the protection of our entrusted lands.

We are dedicated supporters of our cherished community, offering guidance and assistance in their pursuits. It brings us great pleasure to preside over our regal courts, recognizing and honoring those who have earned badges of distinction. We take pride in showcasing the thriving abundance of our domain as we host magnificent events. Through these experiences, we wholeheartedly demonstrate the prosperity and well-being that permeate the essence of Namron.

We strive to create a welcoming environment for both introverts seeking solace in literature and extroverts who thrive in the revelry and companionship of noble tournaments. Within our community, the youth will flourish, history enthusiasts will find satisfaction, artisans will thrive, and researchers will connect with like-minded individuals.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or if you seek knowledge about the SCA as a whole or the intricacies of the Barony of Namron. We would be delighted to assist you.

The promise of encountering remarkable individuals, like yourself, fills our hearts with joy. We eagerly anticipate witnessing your radiant presence among us as you embark on an extraordinary journey that awaits.

Namron extends a sincere invitation to you, welcoming you to a voyage filled with passion, intrigue, and boundless marvels. We eagerly await your arrival!

Our Champions

We are honored to select Champions from the many areas of expertise demonstrated during our tournaments. These champions represent our Barony with honor, courage, and skill.

Click here to view lists of present and past Champions of Namron.


Baroness Emma

Pronouns: she/her

Persona: 10th Century Irish with Viking ancestry

Colors: blue, gold, green

Heraldry:  Per bend sinister azure and vert, a bend sinister Or between two butterflies argent.

Badge:  None at this time

Fragrance: light fragrance preferred, lemon, bergamot, or herbal scents

Beverages: Water, coffee, unsweetened tea, herbal teas, hard cider

Snacks:  fruit, walnuts, almonds, tortilla chips and salsa

Food restrictions: low-carb is preferred, do not like raisins or raw onions

Allergies: mold, red cedar, and food allergy to kiwi fruit

Personal goods: Lyndt chocolates, fidgets, notebooks

Flowers: lilies, roses, carnations, and many more

Medieval interests: Archery, Fiber Arts, Roman Culture and Cooking, Medieval Gardening, Jewelry Making

Baronessa Isabella

Pronouns: she/her

Persona: 15th Century Florence

Colors: red, white and black

Heraldry: Argent, a cross formy between flaunches gules, each flaunch charged with an arrow inverted argent.

Badge: (Fieldless) On a cross formy gules, in cross an arrow inverted and an arrow reversed argent.

Fragrance: light natural scents

Beverages: Coke Zero, Dr Pepper Zero, half and half tea, water

Snacks: Chex mix, trail mix, fruit, milk chocolate covered caramel

Food restrictions: shellfish

Allergies: none

Personal goods: notepad, pencil, cinnamon discs

Flowers: daisies

Medieval interests: wood block printing, archery, glass work and Florentine culture/clothing

Past Barons and Baronesses of Namron

We are privileged to follow in the footsteps of the previous Barons and Baronesses of Namron.

Click here to view the list of past Barons and Baronesses of Namron.

Serving as Landed Nobility

Our Landed Nobility serves for several years. When it is time to resign the duties of their position (a personal decision, not a regulated one), an official announcement is made. New candidates apply and submit a letter of intent to the Crown for review. A polling (vote) of the Populace occurs, to provide additional information to the Crown regarding the will of the Populace. The Crown then schedules in-person interviews with all candidates, and soon after, a selection is announced.

Accepting this position is a serious commitment, and if you are considering it for the future, it is wise to seek counsel from those who have gone before. A very brief description of the responsibilities of the position follows, but is a broad description that belies the full experience.

Responsibilities of the Baron/Baroness

The Corpora of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., Section V: Territorial Barons and Baronesses

Ansteorran Kingdom Law, Section 3: Nobility