Landed Nobility

“Landed” Nobility are individuals who hold certain lands in fief to the Crown, swear fealty to the Crown, serve as local representatives of the Crown, and advise the Crown of the will of the local Populace. While the majority of Landed Nobility has been a married Baron/Baroness combination, there is no stricture against any pairing combination, and in some cases, a single individual has served alone.

A Word from Their Excellencies Yancy and Kolfinna

Welcome to the Barony of Namron!

Whether you are a multi-decade veteran, new member, or just curious about the SCA, we invite you to attend the activities, meetings, and events that pique your interest. The SCA is a research-based historical re-creation group and we have things for introverts, extroverts, youth, history buffs, artisans, researchers…for just about everyone!

We are Baron Yancy Álffson and Hersirkona Kolfinna Egilsdóttir, the Landed Nobility of the Barony of Namron. The Crown of the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the Coronet of the Principality of Vindheim depend on us to share their news and directives, to protect the lands which we hold in fief, to support our populace members, and to promote the ideals and mission of the SCA. In so doing, we have the distinct pleasures of holding courts, presenting awards, and demonstrating the abundance and well-being of Namron by hosting events.

The health and prosperity of the Barony is our paramount concern. To that end, we have compiled Guiding Principles for our baronage, and they are:

  • To focus on our ceremonial and leadership roles, and as the Voice of the Crown and Coronet.
  • To encourage activities, projects, and other actions in accordance with the Will and Well-Being of the Populace.
  • To encourage and support our Officer Corps as they promote and oversee their areas of responsibility.
  • To promote the study of pre-17th century history and its activities in an inclusive, accessible, and welcoming environment.
  • To honor the work of our predecessors, continuing their legacy of growth and prosperity, while building on that framework to make way for the future.
  • To provide consultative advice and active support to the Canton of Skorragardr, and to assist the Proposed Shire of Oak Spring in their pursuit of official group status.
  • To actively seek out, and graciously accept, the wisdom and advice of others.

If, at any time, you feel that we are straying from these principles, we encourage you to gently nudge us back in the right direction. The will and well-being of the populace is our priority. Our vision for the Barony itself is four-fold, and these will influence our decision-making, and give us focus.

Accessibility: To continue, and build upon, the work of our predecessors in providing a welcoming and accessible experience for everyone, from the first-time attendees to the veteran members of many decades. This involves aggressively seeking event sites and meeting locations that are navigable for all attendees; removing barriers to entry whether they be physical, financial, or social; as well as implementing procedures to increase accessibility at events and other activities. Actively and humbly seeking feedback from the Populace to determine their needs will be a cornerstone to our success.

Growth: To re-invigorate and grow our Populace as we move forward from The Pandemic. This will involve reaching out directly to absent Populace members to divine methods for ensuring their comfort and safety throughout continued concerns. We have the deepest desire to promote and increase pomp and pageantry in order to deliver an exciting and immersive SCA experience, both at our events and regular Populace meetings.

Support: To support and encourage our officers and Canton by coordinating additional training, actively participating in meetings and liaising with Principality and Kingdom officers to ensure the best opportunities for our people. We both come from management backgrounds, and have extensive documented success in building programs, training, and mentorship. Our goal is to leverage those skills and experiences to create an environment for our Canton and our officers to serve with minimal roadblocks.

Communication: To promote and provide frequent, transparent communication with the Crown, Coronet, and Populace. This will be achieved by a variety of means, as befitting individual situations. Standard publications of information for the Populace will continue to be provided within The Plume baronial newsletter and the Barony of Namron email list. Social media will be utilized extensively, as it is the news outlet for the majority of our Populace; we are well versed in its myriad applications.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about the SCA in general, specifics about the Barony of Namron, or any other SCA-related matters. We look forward to seeing you!

In Service to the Dream,
Baron Yancy Álffson and Hersirkona Kolfinna Egilsdóttir
405-561-1153 (calls between 8 am and 9 pm only, except in emergency)

Our Champions

We are honored to select Champions from the many areas of expertise demonstrated during our tournaments. These champions represent our Barony with honor, courage, and skill.

Click here to view lists of present and past Champions of Namron.


Baron Yancy

Pronouns: he/him

Persona: Privateer, 14th c. France 

Colors: Black and red

Heraldry: pending

Badge: It’s Deadpool. Will update with blazon later.

Fragrance: earthy, spicy

Beverages: Coffee, Root Beer

Snacks: Beef jerky (not spicy), summer sausage, cheese, crackers, grapes, bananas, chocolate (Loves Reese’s cups)

Food restrictions: none

Allergies: none

Personal goods: bottle opener, pencil, notepad

Medieval interests: Salt, Woodworking

Hersirkona Kolfinna

Pronouns: she/her

Persona: Norwegian immigrant to France; 14th c.

Colors: Black and gold

Heraldry: Quarterly sable and erminois, two lions erminois

Badge: Sable, a lion erminois and a chief erminois 

Fragrance: none, please

Beverages: Lime Cucumber Gatorade Zero (hard to find, but it’s her favorite event beverage), plain water no ice, caffeine-free unsweetened black or green tea

Snacks: Beef jerky (not spicy), summer sausage, cheese, crackers, grapes, bananas, peppermint hard candies

Food restrictions: LOTS due to allergies, medical conditions, and medication. Alcohol (even in food) can cause severe reaction with medication. ***PLEASE don’t worry about this when planning feast or tavern menus***

Allergies: Cats & horses (severe allergy)

Personal goods: pencil, notepad, Brach’s peppermint candies

Flowers: Mildly fragranced 

Medieval interests: Mesoamerican Ethnobotany, Medieval Gardening, Medieval Women’s Studies, Costuming, Heraldic Garments and Painting

Past Barons and Baronesses of Namron

We are privileged to follow in the footsteps of the previous Barons and Baronesses of Namron.

Click here to view the list of past Barons and Baronesses of Namron.

Serving as Landed Nobility

Our Landed Nobility serves for several years. When it is time to resign the duties of their position (a personal decision, not a regulated one), an official announcement is made. New candidates apply and submit a letter of intent to the Crown for review. A polling (vote) of the Populace occurs, to provide additional information to the Crown regarding the will of the Populace. The Crown then schedules in-person interviews with all candidates, and soon after, a selection is announced.

Accepting this position is a serious commitment, and if you are considering it for the future, it is wise to seek counsel from those who have gone before. A very brief description of the responsibilities of the position follows, but is a broad description that belies the full experience.

Responsibilities of the Baron/Baroness

The Corpora of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., Section V: Territorial Barons and Baronesses

Ansteorran Kingdom Law, Section 3: Nobility