Knight’s Marshal


About Armored (Chivalric) Combat

No one action helped to forge the middle ages more than the tournament and warfare. Imagine yourself clad in mail, standing on a great green field on a spring morning, amidst hundreds of your allies, prepared to face off with your adversary. The charge is called and battle is joined. Shields clash together, swords ring off helms, and arrows whistle overhead seeking their foes. The sound of a thousand soldiers in the heat of battle echoes across the vale.

Or, picture yourself on the field of honor, you and dozens of your closest friends, placing your skills in armored combat against one another to see who will be the champion of a barony. The king and queen, and the assembled court of Ansteorra, look on in awe as you fight for your lord or lady in honorable contest.

Have you ever wanted to be a soldier in the employ of the king? A squire training to increase your combat skills so you may one day become that knight in shining armor? If that is what you seek, then search no further.

How to Participate

We offer weekly combined practices with the Barony of Wiesenfeuer.

This is a full contact sport and requires that you wear armor. Loaner armor and weaponry is available for use during the practices. Participants must provide their own sports cup (yes, everyone), elbow and knee pads, and wear closed toe shoes. Weapons are made from solid-core rattan. The steel ones are pointy, and we want you to come back to fight again. We promise the rattan weapons provide a satisfying experience.

Our fighters have a wide variety of skill levels and specializations; you will receive extensive safety and combat training. Once you have demonstrated proficiency, a marshal will authorize you to compete in tournaments and melees.

Practices are currently being held on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Moore Public Library, 225 S. Howard Rd., Moore, OK. Park on the south side of the building so you can use the doors that lead directly into the practice space. Watch the Barony of Namron Facebook Group for last minute changes or cancellations.

In the meantime, feel free to join the Firestorm Armored Combat Training group on Facebook, get to know people, and ask questions.


Laws, Handbooks, and Policies

Forms and Reporting

Knight’s Marshal Applicant Information

Please review the Knight’s Marshal Reference Guide prior to applying.

Applications may be completed using this online form. The “Position Being Applied For” field must be “Barony of Namron Knight’s Marshal.” Email addresses to receive copies are:

Proof of membership (Family or Sustaining) must be submitted to the Local Seneschal, Deputy Knight’s Marshal- Northern Region, and Kingdom Officer Applications Coordinator.

If you are unable to use the online form, a paper version is available for download. The submission requirements are the same.