The Calm in the Storm

The Calm in the Storm 
by Master Andrixos (mka Steven Boyd)


In the land of the Proud Sable Star
The Baron said, “We need good shade.”
Pavilion was brought from afar;
For once was Orlando obeyed.CHORUS:

In here does all Namron belong.
In chill will it keep us all warm,
The refuge when winds blow so strong,
The calm in the rage of the storm.

On rooftop of snowiest white,
Would artisans paint Namron’s shield.
Working through day and through night,
That your glory be shown ‘cross the field.


Let new name in glory be sung
That all of the world might know.
Even in dead Roman tongue,
“Tranquilium in tempesto.”


Our prayers are now skyward sent:
Preserve, please, our baronage wise.
Let funnels stay on Namron’s tent,
Rather than in Namron’s skies.

*Written by Master Andrixos for the Beltane (2011) Bardic Competition. This piece was selected as the winning entry by Barone Orlando and Baronessa Caterina and, by their excellencies’ wishes, the Baronial Pavilion shall bear the name “The Calm in the Storm”.